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Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Gift Hearing Aids to Those in Need

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard must have had an emotional experience on Thursday, after watching a hearing aid get fitted on a young girl for the very first time.

The two attended the “Starkey Hearing Foundation,” event to support and benefit those in need in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  And they certainly made a huge difference.

The couple and co-founder and singer “Alice Cooper,” provided the gift of hearing to about 200 children and adults that were in need. Johnny Depp opened up about the experience, stating:

“If you pass something over to someone that they haven’t had ever before, it’s very moving,” Johnny told the Associated Press. “This sweet little girl, I turned the volume up and I just sort of made a noise — ba-ba-ba-ba-ba — and she went, ‘Yes! … I can hear!’”

And Amber Heard had a unique experience of her own, stating:

“The reaction somebody has when they hear for the first time, in this case, you see it light up — changes their whole face,” Amber said. “Just to be a small part of that for one moment, to watch someone’s life change in front of you, it’s moving to say the least.”

What a great charity and how awesome is it that Johnny and Amber both have dedicated their time to help those in need. Don’t forget even you can make a difference in your own home town. You don’t have to be rich and it’s the little things that count.

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Blessed Be.

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