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Thank Goodness For New TV Shows In November! These Two Shows You Shouldn’t Miss!

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Every day is a new beginning. And every month… Well, at least for Netflix that means new movies and TV shows will be added to their library of amazingness. And if you’re a Netflix junkie like I am, then there are some flicks you might be interested in seeing this November.

You may notice that some of these titles have been on Netflix in the past but were removed and now they’re back, so take advantage while you can and watch your favorite Netflix TV shows and films.

If you’re interested in comedies then you might be thrilled to know that Netflix will release the very first Season of “Treat Yo Self.” It’s a brand-new comedy about a 30-year-old New York actor and his life.

New York, acting, life, sounds like perfection.

And then there’s the highly anticipated, “Gone Too Soon.” A brand new season revolving around Cristela Alonzo, who is learning to balance life as an intern in a law firm but when the demands of life and family kick in, so does the comedy. This family comedy is all about following that heart.

Are you ready to enjoy this brand-new, Netflix comedy?

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