What Taylor Swift Taught Utah About Loving Themselves On Her 1989 Tour!

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By lauraramonique

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“You are not the opinion of someone who does not know you.”
-Taylor Swift

When Taylor Swift looks out at her crowd, she doesn’t just see ‘a bunch of different faces.’ She see’s us as humans with self worth. There are millions of people struggling in the world today and sometimes, it’s family and friends that help get us through—and other times, it’s music.

Taylor Swift impressed Salt Lake City, Utah on her “1989 Tour,” she never has a problem standing up for what she believes in this life. And over the last five-years We have seen Tay flourish as an artist and individual. She’s grown into a strong woman. A woman who doesn’t mind going the extra mile, even though she’s the most sought after singer and songwriter in the world.

But that doesn’t matter, she might have a beautiful voice and the perfect body but it’s her mind that stimulating. It was nothing but pure inspiration as she gave her speech proudly, to all her fans, stating:

“When you start to compare yourself to other people, please change the channel in your mind to something else, because I think that when it comes to how  we see ourselves, other people are really mean, but we are really mean to ourselves. It’s easy to get confused,” Swift continues to discuss how many of us don’t feel good about ourselves, saying:

“We all feel like that sometimes. If there’s one thing I want you to remember from tonight, remember what I’m about to say. You need to look into the mirror in the morning and not tell yourself that you’re not special, or that you’re not good enough, or that you’re not pretty, or you’re not awesome,” she proudly says.

“Let me tell you what you are not. You are not the opinion of someone that doesn’t know. You are not the opinion of somebody who doesn’t know you or care about you… The sooner that we can realize that it’s only the people who actually care about us and actually love us who matter – it’s only their opinions we should count, I think that’s the moment we’re closer to being happy in our lives and honestly it’s like when you let the opinions in of people who don’t care about you, who are just trying to hurt you, I think that it feels like you’ve got these insults or these insecurities and these doubts written all over you all the time. But the moment you can start to separate those opinions out, and realise that they don’t matter to you as much, I think that’s the moment you’ll look into the mirror and don’t see those insecurities written all over yourself anymore. In that moment, you’re clean. you,

you are not damaged goods just because you have made mistakes in your life,” she said as she continued to encourage and motivate her fans. And she didn’t forget to tell them what they truly are, stating:

“Now  let me tell you what you are. You are your own definition of beautiful and worthwhile. You are someone who is wiser because you’ve made mistakes; not damaged, wiser. I want you to know that the way I see mistakes, they don’t make you damaged, they make you clean,” she stated proudly.

And to be honest, I’ve never looked at my mistakes in this way. It’s true, we’re not damaged, we’re learning, growing and making mistakes is the only way to make you “clean,” as she states.

If you haven’t heard the inspiring speech, ch,chhhhheck it out below and let us what your favorite part about her speech was and why?

Blessed Be!

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