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Meet Goliath. This Baby Cow Thinks He’s A Dog!

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With all this recent abuse of lions, elephants and innocent animals it’s so nice to see a positive story—and a cute one at that. Check out this adorable rescued baby cow just, chillin with a Great Dane.

They were best friends for about two months. It was thanks to Shaylee and her wonderful family that the calf was nursed back to health. They put a great effort in bottle feeding and making sure this little cutie got all the nutrients she needed on their California farm.

But it wasn’t just the family who took to this adorable calf. The families Great Dane could help but mother the calf—now how cute is that? But the best part of it all, Goliath(the calf), think’s she’s a literal dog.

Eating dog food, flopping around the house like our furry little puppies. Lauraramoniquer’s, let’s start your morning off with an irresistible video!

(Thanks Inside Edition for sharing).

Blessed Be!

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