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Positive Vibes for San Bernardino, California. Stay Strong From PCG!

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Today, I am sad… I turned on the TV to find that there was a mass shooting in San Bernardino, California. And I just heard there have already been 14 confirmed deaths. I’m not quite sure what’s going on in the world today.

I cannot and will never be able to comprehend how an individual can pick up a gun and go take the lives of others, how they get pleasure out of watching the life leave a persons body, knowing they have families, etc.

“Knowing,” is the keyword. It’s disgusting. All we can do is come together and send positive vibes and energies their way. But something needs to change.

But I will not let them scare me, I will live my life, I will still love unconditionally and lay my life down, if it came to it, for family, friends and even a stranger. I will still go to the movies, I will still go to the mall, I will still enjoy my occasional concert and I will live on because FEAR is what they want and I refuse to let them win, I would rather die with dignity(if placed in a situation) than let them watch me beg for life. And smile as they take away a life. I REFUSE.

Making a change is acknowledging this is real life and attempting to make a positive change.(What changes need to be made, I’ll be honest,I’m just starting to learn, so, I really don’t know). But that’s how anything good gets done. I hope deep in my heart that things will simmer down for everyone, as tragedy has been striking everywhere, not just the shootings but many sad trials in the world.

I pray for you all who are hurting, I pray for San Bernardino, California and I send all of my good energy and positive vibes your way.

Blessed Be

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