How Does Justin Bieber Feel About Being a Big Brother?

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Justin.Bieber.SiblingsJustin Bieber took to Instagram and kicked off the New Year by sharing pictures with family, friends and being as positive as ever. It’s no secret that Justin has a huge heart and will do anything for anyone he can but when it comes to his siblings, well, they “make him want to be better,” which is how we should all make one another feel.

Justin Bieber uploaded a picture to Instagram just a few days ago with his little brother and sister. They were all
dressed in white and looked absolutely stunning. Justin captioned the picture with an unmeasureable amount of love, stating:

“Honestly I never thought I could love somebody the way I love these two children. They are strong, kind, smart and so charismatic! They are constantly making me want to be better, and I believe they will make me a better parent one day. I am so blessed and honored to play such a significant role in their life, and I’m looking forward to see what they become. And I know whatever that may be I will be proud!”

What an amazing big brother, don’t you think? I love the way he projects his positivity to the world. That’s what this life is truly about–don’t wait a minute to long to say ‘I love you,’ and always be true to yourself. Growing up, I had a big brother to look up to and grow from, he’s the best. And it reminds me that creating memories with your family and loved ones is important.

Making sure that you bring out the best in one another. Family is forever.

Blessed Be!

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