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Kesha Stays Positive During More Speculation From Sony!

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Kesha best known for big hits like “Tik Tok,” and her collaboration on the song “Timber,” with Pitbull was amazing. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to release any new music due to legal battles. The beautiful singer has managed to stay strong and speak her mind—and that’s exactly what every artist should do, as music is THEIR talent and feeling ‘owned,’ by a company is never any fun.

Sony made a remark that had Kesha make an official response on Instagram, stating:

“I love Adele, and this has nothing to do with her or any other artist** I never wanted to have a “comeback” because I never wanted to go away. Making these comparisons is Sonys way of trying to put a positive spin on a horribly abusive situation they are supporting.”

Kesha has a lot of talent and we’re not sure what’s going on behind the scenes but it’s great to see that she’s staying positive during the whole ordeal. Staying positive even when speculation within the limelight is tearing you down can be a challenging trial but Kesha is doing a great job. And we certainly hope that Sony will allow her to drop Dr. Luke and continue to perform and do what she loves the most—sing and spend time with her animals.

Unfortunately, it’s just a waiting game for the time being. But that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate all the wonderful music she has created up until today! So, if you’re reading this on your phone or computer, turn on some Kesha and keep her talent alive until she’s able to get back out there—don’t worry girl, everything happens for a reason. Hope you’re doing well and that you’ve been relaxing, Happy New Year chicka!

Blessed Be!


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