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Audi’s Amazing Robotic Rover. Let’s Put it On The Moon!

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Audi’s Amazing Robotic Rover. Let’s Put it On The Moon.
The Moon is absolutely fascinating and men all over the globe have been intrigued by astronomy for years. There’s a lot we know about The Moon like it’s gravitational pull helps create the tides. But there are so many things that we don’t know about The Moon. I don’t know about you guys but I’m a space dork and I absolutely love anything having to do with astronomy—throw a little technology on top of that and I’m totally in on the plan (whatever that might be).

Well, Audi may have discovered a way to put a “Rover,” on the moon. The prototype of Audi’s ‘Moon Rover,’ will debut at the Audi booth during the Detroit Auto Show.  But what’s really neat about Rover is that it’s made from aluminum and titanium. Nearly the whole Rover was made by using the 3D printing process.

3D printing is evolving quickly and it’s important for Audi to build a 3D printer that can use lunar soil because it’s filled with aluminum, titanium and even magnesium. The goal is to build something new on the moon itself. The thought behind it all is according to “The Verge,” is it’s “a lot easier to build something new on The Moon than to ship it there.

And thanks to “The Verge,” we can get a closer look at this fun new piece of technology. The main objective is to visit something that has been left on “The Moon,” being on the moon for over 42 years it’s time to study the remains, it would help us understand what materials can be used to build a “Lunar Base.”

There are many ideas being tossed around right now regarding the new piece of technology. I guess only time will tell how well this project will work? Don’t forget to let us know what you think? Would this be a great way to find out more about our beautiful Moon?


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