The One Thing People Forget to do in the Morning.

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By lauraramonique

LOVEYOURSELFIt’s a typical Monday for many of us, waking up with the same routines and heading to the same jobs. But there’s one thing I’m certain 99% of us forget to do in the morning. And that’s love yourself. So many women cake up their faces with makeup thinking that’s how they’ll make a good impression. Hunny, it’s like Zedd said in his hit “Beautiful Now, “you’re beautiful now.” And to all you men out there who feel like you don’t fit in, you’re fcking just as amazing and handsome, sweet, gorgeous—I don’t care how you identify, if that’s even what you choose to do.

Sadly, a lot of us are waking up to trials and bullies. It can be hard to keep going when things feel like everything is crashing down from the sky. Many of us are working full-time jobs, attempting at following our dreams or feel stuck and the truth is—it does get harder before it gets better but you are in control of your life and thoughts. And if you feel a little less than perfect, that’s okay to but did you know you can do it, you can, all you have to do is put your mind in the right gear and chase it.

It’s like racing fear, you want first place cause if you can beat fear, you CAN beat anything, you can DO anything, you can make a DIFFERENCE. You can be genuinely happy and bring people up with you. After all, that’s what this life is about, right?

All you have to do is be brave. That’s not to say that you can’t have those “pitty me,” moments. It’s completely healthy, just don’t forget to rise from your fall. I hope that everybody is having a fantastic Monday so far—and if you aren’t shoot me an email and I’ll make sure PCG makes you smile today.

Never forget you’re strong, brave, you’re beautiful. You are the future and you matter.

Blessed Be!


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