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Taylor Swift Blesses Africa Animals With ‘Wildest Dreams’ Proceeds!

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Taylor Swift animalsTaylor Swift is constantly creating music that you can’t help but dance to like it’s nobodies business—but she’s also out there making a difference with her musical talent.  Everybody knows her hit “Wildest Dreams,” and it comes with more than a great beat. Swift gave all her fans a beautiful look at African wilderness and all of the proceeds made from the video will be donated to benefit the animals at the African Parks Foundation of America. And they never hold back with their mission, stating:

“African Parks represents an innovative African solution to Africa’s conservation challenges. Through entering into long term partnership agreements with Governments, we take direct responsibility for managing and financing national parks to ensure their survival. Our long-term aim is for the parks under our management to generate a mix of sustainable income streams to pay for running costs and capital replacements. Revenue streams vary from one park to another but combine donor funding, commercial revenues (entrance fees, tourism concession fees and game sales), endowment income and payment for ecosystem services.”

How amazing is that? It’s great that Taylor made it a point to give back to the world. It makes such a big difference—especially for the animals.

Animals don’t have a voice, so… it’s truly up to us to make a difference.  There are so many animals that are becoming endangered and it’s time we protect them—whether that be spreading the word about illegal poaching, donating a few dollars or making a complete film about your love for animals. It’s awesome to see that talent can see the importance of having wild animals and the importance of keeping them safe. I mean, what would your childhood be like without the existence of your favorite animal?

Even elephants are becoming endangered and I loved drawing them in school, I couldn’t imagine not being able to say “I’ve seen an elephant,” in real life. The sad truth is, some people don’t care. But that’s okay because I haven’t lost faith in humanity, it just takes a few people to create a ripple effect—don’t be afraid to stand up for the animals as well as yourself.

Shoot—all you have to do is watch the video and share it, that’s making a difference as well!

And Thank you Tay for being so sweet and loving, all of the time, keep being you!

Blessed Be!

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