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Skrillex and Justin Bieber grammy Celebration!

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Justin Bieber grammy
Justin Bieber grammy

 Justin Bieber grammy excitement and how he celebrated.

Justin Bieber, Skrillex and Diplo worked really hard on their collaboration hit “Where Are Ü Now.” They received a Grammy for Best Dance/Electronic Recording and it’s actually Justin Biebers first Grammy. The Justin Bieber grammy celebration took place at Justin’s place and we couldn’t be happier that his friends were their to celebrate his first Grammy. It was speculated he celebrated with a fun after party.

This whole “Justin Bieber grammy,” is causing a lot of excitement for his “beliebers,” as their sending him a lot of love. This is just the beginning of his wins because his album “Purpose,” is already loved by so many and they aren’t just teen girls.

A lot of guys are into the Biebs new jams and the Justin Bieber grammy winning excitement has continued into today because his fans won’t let him forget that he has earned this and deserves to be acknowledged. Congrats to Skrillex, Diplo and Justin Bieber on an excellent collaboration. And we hope Skrillex and Diplo had an fun celebration after party too.

Skrillex, Diplo and Justin Bieber grammy.

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Blessed Be.

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