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Adele makes wish come true for a sick girl in Ireland!

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Adele makes wish come true for one little girl in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

AdeleAdele has blown us away with her positive attitude, her hilarious pranks on Ellen and her extremely fun and loving personality. It was just last month that Adele kicked off her tour in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The “Hello,” singer gave a sick 12-year-old a gift she’ll never forget. Rebecca Gibney didn’t expect to see Adele standing on her doorstep.

That’s the last thing on a girl’s mind when your fighting cerebral palsy and epilepsy. When you can’t walk, talk or see life can be a challenge, not impossible but, a challenge. And might I just add, this girl is absolutely inspiring and we think that’s why Adele made her way to visit miss Rebecca.

It all started when Tracy Gibney (Rebecca’s mother), noticed her daughter’s love for Adele. She’s become a big fan and because of that her mother wanted to do what any mother would, make their daughter smile. Tracy jumped online and started a “” petition to have Adele visit her beautiful girl.

Adele saw the campaign and couldn’t have been happier to meet little Rebecca. Tracy’s mother was ecstatic, writing on a Facebook community page about Adeles surprise, saying:

“It happened!!! Thank you so much for liking and sharing everyone, I’m overwhelmed and couldn’t be any happier for my baby, still in shock! Adele is just amazing xx”

Sharing the adorable pictures below. Adele you’re a doll. Thank you for being such a positive influence in a world that has sadly become quite dark. You are the light that inspires many and little acts of kindness like this can go a long way.

Blessed be!

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