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New Spider found. Dolomedes Briangreeni eats fish and frogs!

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New Spider found in QueenIsland

QueenIsland got quite the surprise today when it was announced that a new species of ‘water spider,’ has been discovered. QueenIsland is the third most popular state in Australia.

The new spider has been named after physicist and World Science Festival co-founder, Brian Greene. He’s also the professor at Columbia University—where he teaches physics and mathematics. He’s been a professor at Columbia University since 1996 ( I was only six-years old) and has been chairman of the “World Science Festival,” since it’s cofounding in 2008.

Dolomedes briangreenei new spider found
new spider found the Dolomedes Briangreenei

Premier Annastacia Palazczuk revealed the spider to Professor Green in Brisbane earlier today at the opening of World Science Festival. The spider is about as big as your palm ( if that helps you imagine it better) and it uses the surface of water and it’s vibrations to navigate and find prey—they can even analyze waves to help their direction when finding their prey. These spiders are excellent swimmers and like to use the sides of pools and hide by rocks. They can also been seen propelling across the surface of water with their two middle pairs of legs. And when they are disturbed they can easily plunge through the surface of water and hide on the bottom of the floor—this is also how they eat their prey.

The Dolomedes Briangreeni lives around fresh water and eats everything from fish to frogs, Robert Raven describes the spider to Mashable, saying:

“These spiders sit there on the water and then all of a sudden an insect will hit the water and the spider races out to get it, grabs it, dives under the water and then swims back to the shore and starts eating it.”

Robert Raven is the Principle Scientist of Archnology has admitted to being bit by the spider, saying:

“I’ve been bitten by this spider and it’s not particularly dangerous. It just stung for a little while.”

Great, a new spider found to haunt my dreams. Would you keep one as a pet? I hope I don’t find one of these around where I live. I would freak out. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Blessed be.

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