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Taylor Swift and Austin Swift have a great bond!

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Taylor Swift and Austin Swift have a great bond!

Taylor Swift, the name that has charted hits and she’s brought incredible talent to the film and music industry. Swift has a lot of love for her art but she has even more love for her family and she shows it as often as she can and as publicly as she can—which is so sweet ( I would totally do this for my brother, watch out bro), because today she uploaded an adorable throw-back photograph of her and Austin from when they were young.

The pictures shows the two of them laughing and you have to admit it’s adorable. Tay captioned the picture:

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTIN!!!!!” But that’s not all she did, Taylor even took to Twitter in celebration of his birthday, tweeting:

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUSTIN!!!!! Thanks for the 24 years of LOLs. @austinswift7”

Austin Swift also shares the same amount for his sissy. Do you guys remember when he stood up for her back when Kanye West referenced Tay in a track on his new album, “The Life of Pablo?” The lyrics that Kanye raps isn’t quite “positive,” as Kanye insinuates that he could get intimate with Taylor because he made her famous, which is far from the truth.

It’s great when family can stick up for each other the way these two do, awesome way to be Taylor and Austin!

Blessed be.

Taylor Swift and Austin Swift – Cute Moments, Happy Birthday!

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