Ariana Grande hosts Saturday Night Live!

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Ariana Grande hosts Saturday Night Live!

Ariana Grande on Saturday Night Live
Ariana Grande hosts Saturday Night Live

Ariana Grande has talent. The 22 year-old hosted Saturday Night Live yesterday (March 12) and it was perfect. We didn’t know she could also do impressions of Jennifer Lawrence  and Britney Spears? Grande delivered a performance that was entertaining and the audience laughed, a lot!

Grande opened by making fun of herself and joking about her career at Nickelodeon. It was in 2009 when she first auditioned for “Victorious,” a kids television-series directed by Dan Schneider.

Ariana Grande did an amazing job on SNL and it’s not surprising as she’s always had strong work ethic. She started theater at a young age and she was performing before she was 10 years-old. And it was in 2009 when Ariana Grande auditioned for the hit Nickelodeon show “Victorious,” when her career took flight. She is absolutely hilarious and she did incredible impressions of J-Law, Britney Spears and Jennifer Lawrence.

Ariana Grande goes on joking about wanting to be stuck in her own Hollywood Scandal, saying:

“What will my scandal be?”

And she even poked fun at other talent and their scandals in the Hollywood limelight. But she was as sweet as possible while joking and singing, making it a musical and all in fun. She definitely put the “Ariana Grande,” touch on Saturday Night Live and she did an amazing job performing. If you haven’t seen her performance on Saturday Night Live, check it out below!

Blessed be.

Ariana Grande hosts Saturday Night Live!

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Ariana Grande, Dangerous Woman

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