Justin Bieber debuts new single ‘Insecurities,” on Purpose Tour!

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Justin Bieber debuts new single ‘Insecurities,” on Purpose Tour!

Justin Bieber Purpose Tour
Justin Bieber, Portland Oregon

Justin Bieber Purpose Tour has been a success so far and it’s getting even better for “Beliebers,” Portland, Oregon was serenaded with Justin’s voice and new single “Insecurities,” which he debuted on his Purpose Tour in Portland, Oregon last night. The songs lyrics include:

“You know I want to give you everything you dream. I wanna fix all of your insecurities.”

And “Beliebers,” went insane when he performed the new song “Insecurities.” The best part about the introduction is we got to hear Justin and his guitar. That voice seriously shines and we can’t wait to see what else Justin has up his sleeve for the Purpose Tour 2016. Don’t forget to leave us a comment and let us know what you thought of his performance in Portland, Oregon. And great job Justin, you’ve been nailing it at each of your concerts and keep impressing us all.

Blessed be.

Justin Bieber debuts new single “Insecurities.”

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