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Zayn Malik shares a sneak peak to his album on Periscope!

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Zayn Malik shares a sneak peak to his album on Periscope!

Zayn Malik on PeriscopeZayn Malik wanted to give fans a taste of his solo album “Mind of Mine.” And fans were totally fine with that because Zayn jumped on Periscope and shared a few tracks from his new album “Mind of Mine,” live. The handsome singer also showed off his new buzz cut which actually proved that face tat was really fake(and I really thought he got that tattoo at first, debunked).

Fans cannot wait for the debut of his new solo album “Mind of Mine,” on March 25. There were over 90,000 fans logged into Periscope to get a sneak peek at his 16 minute live-stream. And he took requests from fans saying:

“Basically, what we’re gunna do is, we’re gunna do kinda like a little, basically party. I’m going to play some of the songs off the album to you. And see what you guys think and if you guys have any questions or whatever, you just let me know.”

And he didn’t forget to thank all of his fans, saying:

“Big love to everybody that’s pre-ordered the album. Thank you for the support.”

Prior to the live-stream Zayn was having issues getting the new app to open and fans thought it was absolutely adorable, tweeting:

“Zayn being confused as to why the sound isn’t working on Periscope is making me smile so much.”

And another added:

“Zayn being live on Periscope reminds me of the good old days when the boys would sit down and do web cams with the fans for hours.”

Fans couldn’t resist the joking, tweeting:

“Zayn jamming to his own album on Periscope is literally Kanye listening to 808, bopping his head, and telling Aziz, These beats are DOPE.”

The live-stream ends when his doorbell goes off, if you haven’t seen the live-stream, well we can only show you a clip but you have to promise to go pre-order his album on iTunes!

Blessed be.

Zayn Malik shares music on Periscope











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