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Ellen DeGeneres teaches us how precious life is, watch here!

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Ellen DeGeneres teaches us how precious life is, watch here!

When I think about the things I’ve been through in the past, I think about the ways those trials have helped me grow into a bigger person. The way it felt to lose people I loved taught me to appreciate the ones that stayed around during the hardest portions of my life. And getting divorced taught me that life goes on, regardless of what your going through, the world doesn’t stop turning just for you.

Everybody—and I mean everybody has a story. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from or how you were raised as a child. I’m not ashamed of my story because I feel like the things we go through in life teach us a lot about the future and who we want to become, how we want to live and eventually who we want to marry.

Ellen DeGeneres has a story that brings tears to the eyes. But it makes you thankful for life, it makes you thankful to be surrounded by your loved ones and it certainly makes you get up and go give your family members a hug. Ellen teaches us that life is truly precious and it was when she was interviewed by “OWN,” where she opened up about her life and the biggest trial she’s been through, saying:

“My girlfriend had been killed in a car accident and I was—uh we were living together at the time. My brother’s band was performing and we had broken up. We had fought a lot. She was trying to get me to come back home. I acted like I couldn’t hear her cause the music was too loud. I was planning on moving back in… I just was trying to teach her a lesson andScreen Shot 2016-03-21 at 2.18.17 PM I was staying with some friends. And I was being really dismissive of her, she had left before us and as we were driving home, we saw a car and uh, it was split in two and we heard sirens behind us, so it had just happened, nobody was there yet and we just kept going. And um—I found out the next morning that it was her in the car. And so that, you know made
me feel like, I should have gone home with her that night, she wouldn’t have been with that person, I should have stopped—maybe she would of… all kinds of things, a lot of guilt. I think it made me realize how fragile and how easily you can lose somebody. You literally.. in an instant she was just gone. And that was, it was really hard but it really did shift my entire, my entire focus and my life. Um, I lived in this tiny basement apartment, where you couldn’t even stand up fully, the ceilings were so low you couldn’t stand up. And I had a mattress on the floor. The whole basement was infested with fleas. There were just fleas everywhere. And I remember thinking ‘it just seems so ridiculous, that this young 23-year-old girl, who I was just living with was gone and fleas are here,’ so I just thought it would be great to just pick up the phone and call up God and talk about this and so.. I just picked up a pen and…. There were no scratch outs, start overs, it was just written, the whole thing came out, the whole conversation, the whole phone call. And when I finished writing, I just thought ‘Johnny Carson would love that, I know he would appreciate that,’ and I’m going to do that on the show.”

I certainly had no idea that Ellen DeGeneres had been through such a hardship. And I can’t help but say ‘thank you,’ because she shared the story, millions of others who have been through something similar can relate. And they can be inspired by her story and continue to press on when it feels like nothing makes sense anymore—never give up and let your emotions flow for as long as you need. Grieving is different for everybody.

Ellen…. You’re an inspiration, you’re someone who makes other peoples lives better and someone who deserves to smile everyday. Your story might just be a small piece of the puzzle to your whole life but that small puzzle piece will continue to inspire millions for the rest of their lives. There are many people who look up to you because you are brave, courageous and you never gave up—if there’s anything I’ve learned is that chasing your dreams, it’s not easy but it’s damn worth it.

Lauraramoniquers, next time you feel down remember that the pain in temporary. Remember that everybody has their trials and while it might seem like your going through it alone, you’re not, talk to your friends and family and above all remember your worth.

Ellen DeGeneres is a great example of bravery and pressing forward. It’s awesome that she is an example to so many people because it’s the small things in this life that matter and she is always changing the world.

If you haven’t seen the inspiring story you can watch it below. Remember to love yourself and others, never take life for granted because we are never promised a tomorrow.

Blessed be.

Ellen DeGeneres talks about her heartbreaking loss

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