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Why Kanye West deserves more respect.

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Why Kanye West deserves more respect. He’s inspirational!

“It was instilled in me to go out and just get it. And that made me be a leader. Nothing in life is given to you.”
Kanye West –

Kanye West might be an easy target to hate on because of his blunt personality, twitter rants and faith in himself. But what’s wrong with having faith in yourself? We tell our family and friends all the time “believe in yourself,” and “love yourself because self-esteem is important.” And occasionally there are times we see people who are successful and proud of the work they do and we criticize and ridicule them for their talent, every mistake and trial. And that’s not how we should be living.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 11.19.47 AMWould you do that to your own family? I’m going to assume 95% you don’t know Kanye West (I fall right into that statistic) but there’s never reason to hate. And you might think “He says this and that, he’s just another artist in the limelight whose not thankful for what he has,” but your assumption is null because he’s beyond thankful for what he’s gained during the course of his life, so far and he wants to help others reach that same level of success.

Kanye West had to work hard to make his way up the latter. He didn’t just get handed 21 Grammys and land 3 albums on Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest albums of All Time,” and he sure as heck didn’t run into talent like Justin Bieber by accident—he worked harder than you know to get to his station in life and if you stick around you might see Kanye West in a new light. He’s been through a lot and he’s more inspirational than you could have ever imagined.

Kanye West was born to an English professor Donda West and Ray West (a former Black Panther and photojournalist). But when West was only 3-years-old his parents divorced and Donda was left to raise her little munchkin by herself. Donda West describes Kanye in her autobiography “Raising Kanye,” saying:

“Like his dad, Kanye has little patience for what he thinks is unjust. If he sees a president leave humans beings stranded on rooftops for days at a time, his passion and compassion will outweigh his patience.”

And it seems Kanye was destined to be here with us and make a difference using his talent because Donda wasn’t originally planning to have Children with Ray she confessed in her autobiography, saying:

“But after a while , the thought of having and raising a baby wa s for me all-consuming. I was overwhelmed with a feeling that to this day I can’t explain. I had made a decision wit h my head never to have children. But my body and my spirit had other plans. I think it was Go d selecting Ray and me right then to have the child wh o would become Kanye West. And despite any of our thoughts to the contrary, nothing was to keep this pregnancy and birth from happening, not even our initial reluctance, or better put, our initial insistence that a kid was just not in the cards for us. But the script flipped.”

And when the time came from Kanye West to enter the world. Donda did what any mother would, praying for a healthy and “brilliant,” baby, writing:

“Like everyone does, we had prayed for a healthy baby wit h ten fingers and ten toes and all of that. But I also prayed for him to be brilliant. Brilliant like my dad, who only has a sixth-grade education but is one of the most intelligent people I know, a real thinker. Our prayers were answered. Our baby was healthy and brilliant.”

The level of success that Kanye West has touched came through saving money for instruments and a lot of practicing his music at home with his friends. And his mother always wanted to do what she could to support Kanye West and his dreams. Donda explained just how focused he was in her autobiography “Raising Kanye,” writing:

“Kanye dreamed of doing music from the time he was very young. I first noticed it when he was in third grade. That and drawing were his passions. But somewhere along the way, music took over. Kanye spent hours and hours mixing, rapping, and writing. It was nonstop. He became so involved
Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 11.21.40 AMthat his socializing revolved around that studio in his room. When his grandparents Chick and Buddy would visit, Kanye would come out of his room only to eat and go to the bathroom. He was amazingly focused. If anyone, including my dad, wanted to spend time with Kanye, they’d have to go to his
room and get in a few words while Kanye made music.”

Kanye had to fight to reach this level of success. He’s been interested in music since his was in third grade and Donda couldn’t help but encourage it. In an interview with MTV News in 2005, Kanye opened up about his relationship with his mother saying:

“My mother was my everything.”

And he was her everything as well. Donda West seemed to have a strong belief in Jesus Christ. And in her autobiography, she talks about a special incident that happened to her and Kanye when he was younger, writing:

“He probably doesn’t even remember this, but one day Kanye was playing in the dining room of our first home in Chicago, a third-floor apartment on the South Side. All of a sudden, he looked toward the door and the staircase leading down. He pointed and said, “Look, there goes Jesus!” My heart raced. I saw energy. To this day, I believe it was Christ giving us just a little extra protection that day. Neither Kanye nor I have spoken of it since. But it was very real to me and just one of the reasons I think Kanye is connected in a special way or for a special purpose. God has chosen him to not only reach but also touch millions.”

Isn’t that exactly what happened? He’s inspired millions all over the world. And he’s inspired talent that he works with on a day-to-day basis. ( I mean he might go on Twitter rants but he’s passionate as heck and he’s still trying to make a difference. It’s not any different from you going on a Facebook rant, does that make you crazy or passionate about what’s going on in your life?) Artists like Justin Bieber have learned so much from Kanye West and they have major respect for him as a person and artist.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 11.20.39 AMKanye West hasn’t done wrong, we never see him on the cover of a magazine snorting coke and cheating on Kim Kardashian, now do we? It’s always “Kim Kardashian and Kanye West out on date,” or some tabloid making your normal activities of daily living bigger than it truly is in reality.

People hate on others for being themselves, people don’t know the deep facts but they can easily make assumptions and that’s how the world goes round. Kanye West started to inspire the world at a young age and he’s become a lot more confident over the years, with all of the experience under his belt, he has a right to have faith in himself and his vision. He has a right to that the very same way you and I have a right to aspire and believe in ourselves.

And now, take a look at some inspiring videos of Kanye West at a young age, performing, rapping and just being himself. He’s always been a performer, just look at the glow in his eyes and the road he had to cross, it’s never easy but it’s always worth it.

Great job on all the hard work over the course of your life man. It’s inspirational and it’s those that speak up that make the biggest difference.

Blessed be.

Kanye West at Fat Beats

[yt4wp-video video_id=”rd6NS7CIqVU”]

Rare Home-video of young Kanye West rapping at 12 years old!

[yt4wp-video video_id=”vka_ioAdz4w”]

Kanye West first interview with MTV

[yt4wp-video video_id=”XQzV-gBmcMA”]

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