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Tennessee Woman drives up telephone pole.

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Tennessee Woman drives up telephone pole.

Tennessee Woman drives up telephone pole.Medina, Tennessee—There has been a strange wreck in Tennessee that has left police officials wondering how a woman managed to drive her vehicle up a telephone pole while getting it tangled in the high-voltage wires.

Medina Police told “The Jackson Sun,” that the 56-year-old woman ran off the road early Saturday morning, hitting the fence and kept driving on the fence until her car reached the wires.

“She ran up the guy-wire on the pole in a freak accident, and the car spun around the pole,” Medina Fire Chief Jeff Rollins stated.

Firefighters had to use a bucket to reach the passenger door of the car while other crews worked to help support the utility pole from falling. And it took about two hours before the woman was rescued. Rollins has been with the fire department for nearly 30 years and said this was the first time he has ever seen a wreck this odd.

Police have stated that speed could have been a factor in the crash. The unidentified woman has been released from the hospital. And if that’s the case then the woman must be fine (thank goodness). What do you guys think about this odd crash? How the heck do you drive up a telephone pole? Well, at least she’s okay, accidents are accidents and it could have been much worse.

Blessed be.


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