Girl gets pepper sprayed at Trump rally!

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Girl gets pepper sprayed at Trump rally!

Doesn’t it seem like nothing but violence when it comes to most Trump rally events? It was just yesterday that a 15-year-old girl was pepper sprayed while protesting outside the Trump rally in Janesville, Wisconsin. There were thousands of supports who gathered to “make America great again,” but when a group of protesters arrived, things got a little more intense between the 15-year-old and a male supporter of the GOP frontrunner (Donald Trump).

Teen pepper sprayed during Trump protest at rally in WisconsinCrowd footage shows the altercation between the teen and the guy who is wearing glasses and shouting. Pretty soon, the girl appears to hit the guy in the face and a second unidentified man reaches over and sprays the girl with pepper spray.

It’s been speculated that Alex (as identified on social media) socked the guy in the face because he groped her. But Dan Crandall denied to inappropriately touching the teen, stating that supporters were ‘warned not to make contact with protestors.’

Cardnall opened up about the incident saying:

“She challenged me, saying ‘why are you at a Trump rally if you are a grown man?’ And I replied that was exactly why I was at a Trump rally – because I am a grown man and I want to make this country great again.”

Alex (the protestor) was escorted out of the crowd and taken to a local hospital for treatment. Police are looking for two men—one for the alleged assault and the other who sprayed the girl in the face.

And if you haven’t seen the video, check it out below and let us know what you think about this scary Trump rally incident. Personally, I don’t understand what positive change will come from a GOP with no plan. But hey, he’s good at whining like a baby and attacking individuals in their personal lives rather than discussing how to “make America great again.” That’s just my two cents, you can take it or leave it, I don’t care.

Whatever happened to peace, love and respect? I’m not sure who started it but people need to get along and learn that regardless of what one might believe we can still love one another.

Blessed be.

Teen pepper sprayed during Trump protest at rally in Wisconsin

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Trump supporter describes when teen was pepper sprayed in Wisconsin

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