Dwayne Wade talks being a Wine Enthusiast!

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Dwayne Wade talks being a Wine Enthusiast!


Dwayne Wade is talking wine and it’s more than just a health benefit to him—it’s also a “conversation piece,” and a great way for Dwayne and many other NBA players to unwind and enjoy a nice dinner. Wade has taken the cover of “Wine Enthusiast.”

The 34-year-old Miami Heath basketball player had a lot to say with the Wine Enthusiast magazine:

On wine being popular with NBA players: “In the circles that I am in, they are. I think enjoying wine comes with age and sophistication and a certain kind of maturity. All of my friends that are 30 and up, a bottle of wine is what we go to when we sit down and have a conversation. When you’re younger, you’re totally different. Your conversations are different. Now, we sit down and drink wine and talk about investments.”

On how he started drinking wine: “I watched my mom and dad abuse drugs and alcohol, and it pushed me awaDwayne Wade Winey from it. I didn’t drink anything. I wasn’t into it. It always turned out bad. As I started getting older, into my late 20s, I started understanding that alcohol was how you use it. So I started liking drinking wine. I liked what wine stood for at dinner parties and how it was a conversation piece.”

On deciding to make his own wine: “When my new deal started with Li Ning, the China-based shoe company. I had just turned 30 and was thinking about what’s next, what the future looks like for me. I was expanding myself, expanding my brand, and getting into other things than the typical deals I’ve done. It was around the same time, so like four years ago.”

And on being friends with LeBron James, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony:

“We’re good friends, and that was cool being able to take a vacation together with our wives and just have that moment of guys sitting back and looking at how far we’ve come and what we’ve got. I pulled out the Pahlmeyer wine and we had a good time.

It sounds like Dwayne Wade has a huge passion for producing authentic and tasty wine. And what an awesome opportunity to learn about his past and why he choose to take this route in life. Keep up the great work man, cheers !

Blessed be.


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