Jade Elizabeth asks Cameron Dallas to her senior prom!

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Jade Elizabeth asks Cameron Dallas to her senior prom!


Jade Elizabeth asks Cameron Dallas to her senior prom!


Jade Elizabeth Dansie is a 17-year old aspiring singer and actress. She’s always had a deep appreciation for music. She’s killing it on YouTube with hits on her past and present covers and she’s absolutely gorgeous.

Jade is creating a freenzy right now all over the Twitterverse because of her recent prom proposal to Dallas Cameron—his fans are loving it and so are we here at PCG and that’s why we wanted to catch with Jade Elizabeth and talk about her recent music, prom and the unique way she asked Dallas Cameron to attend her schools Senior Prom as her date.

On asking Dallas to Senior prom and her motivation:

“Funny story actually, I had been planning on going as friends with my guy best friend for a while. When I asked him if we were for sure going he said he had found someone else and that I should probably find another date. I sat super bummed for about Five minutes. Then I sat up straight reminded myself how awesome I am and that I’ll just have to find someone who’s equally as awesome. So of course, I asked Cameron Dallas.”

And if you didn’t figure it out yet, she’s a phenomenal singer. She’s been singing since she was 3-years-old and she was just six years old when she performed in front of her first live audience. And now? She’s just about 18-years-old (Happy Birthday on May 6th, 2016 Jade!)

On where she wants to be in 10 years:

“In Ten years from now I’d love to be sharing my music across the world and spreading love through the lyrics. I think the Key to happiness is loving yourself. I’d love to help others find that love.”

Jade Elizabeth is powerful, motivated and ready to conquer. It’s great to see more talent who want to spread love through lyrics and believe the key to happiness is actually “loving yourself.” And we’re pretty sure this talented woman will find nothing but success in her future, don’t you agree?

We couldn’t help but ask what Jade Elizabeth would do if Ellen DeGeneres and Dallas Cameron showed up at her door and loved her response:

“I want to say I would be completely chill and be like “Oh hey..Guys, whats up” But in reality I’d probably fall into some weird emotional state where I’m ugly crying and half smiling, and dead silent for about two minutes. I’d probably call for a group hug at that point.”

That’s probably the best reaction I could imagine? I mean, how would you react? (Cameron and Ellen? Are you guys reading this? I think she’d appreciate the visit and date).

Jade Elizabeth is a talent singer but she has a great message for her family, friends and fans about being yourself:

“Be yourself. I know this is over said and its taken lightly. But really, the happiest you’ll ever be is when you forget the social norm. The way society wants you to be and just let go. Be you. Live for you. In this day and age were so surrounded with unrealistic standards. Man. if you want to eat McDonald and rock that do it, just FYI ketchup is really good on Mcs pieces. Or if you love being healthy and want to live that lifestyle, man do your workouts. There’s no right or wrong. It becomes a problem when either party puts each other down. So live for you. My senior quote this year is “Why strive to be a Taylor Swift when you’re a Beyonce and vise versa. Love yourself. Love your thighs, love your thigh gap. Love you.”

Cameron Dallas fans have been on board all over Twitter and she’s beyond grateful, about being noticed saying:

“I cant even tell you how grateful I am to all of the girls. They’re so incredible and sweet and just flat out amazing. Theres been absolutely no hate at all! I have made some forever friends by this and I am so glad I did it. I really hope he hasn’t seen it, just because that means hes now ignoring it. I dont think hes the type to just blow it off either! So we’ll see I guess!”

And she knows that Cameron could be busy during that portion of her date but she’s still optimistic saying:

“I’ve always known there was a slim chance he would actually go. Of course I’ll party the night away if he doesn’t. Even if it’s going stag this year! Prom is prom, I think everyone should go!”

But you never know right? I mean, what’s worse, just thinking ‘oh there’s a slim chance,’ and never taking a shot or going for it and following your dreams? Heck, I think I’ll take Jade’s way and follow my dreams, that’s what’s up right there girl.

Jade Elizabeth is talented, inspirational and ready to help the world. She’s inspired many with her story about abuse and even teamed up with 13 other victims of abuse to help take a stand and change the world and it all starts with taking action.

Jade opened up saying:

“I created a music video to share my story of Abuse. I teamed up with Thirteen other victims of all forms of abuse and took a stand with them in changing the worlds outlook on Abuse being a social Norm. I’ll be the first to admit its far from perfect. But I definitely will leave it up for the message. I was so proud of everyone involved. I felt extremely at peace and free when I released that last year.”

Jade Elizabeth you are one incredible human being, we are grateful to have had you here on PCG and hope that you and Cameron Dallas have an awesome time at prom (if he get’s the chance to respond to your request) and if he doesn’t we know your going to keep smiling and following your dreams because you’re just that amazing and positive. She also did an amazing cover Demi Lovato’s “Stone Cold,” hit.

If you haven’t heard Jade Elizabeth’s music you can check out her official YouTube Channel. And don’t forget to follow her on Twitter, Instagram and like, love and abuse her Facebook page because we’re sure you’ll love her just as much as we do here at PCG! And please don’t forget to subscribe to our positive celebrity gossip page—who doesn’t love messages straight to their inbox?

What do you guys think? Will Cameron Dallas respond to her amazing request? Sound off in the comments below!

Blessed be.

Stone Cold Demi Lovato Official video (cover)


Asking Dallas Cameron to Senior Prom



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