Why do wasps attack aggressively and more!

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By lauraramonique

Why do wasps attack aggressively and more!


Have you ever asked yourself the question “Why do wasps attack so much more aggressively after killing one of their colony members?” The answer will surprise you and “Reactions,” has the perfect answer for you.

And if you’ve ever had to deal with an angry wasp’s next then you can be sure you’ve seen how quickly the whole colony can come together and attack an intruder. They quickly send chemical messengers to one another and boom, you’ll see them rise and get ready to attack.

Wasp’s really aren’t dumb insects and they know exactly how to coordinate an attack.

Honey bees and most related species including wasps and yellow jackets release pheromones and when they sting the site it tells their friends to come and sting the same location. It’s been speculated that the pheromones they release smell like bananas. And don’t forget to subscribe to our PCG Newsletter. 

Check out the video below!

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