Pete Davidson and Nick Jonas caused an affair on SNL!

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Pete Davidson and Nick Jonas caused an affair on SNL!

Saturday Night Live is one of my favorite shows. It always delivers but what happens when you combine the handsome Pete Davidson, Nick Jonas and gorgeous Julia Louis-Dreyfus? Well, a lot of laughing happens but this has to be the one of my favorite skits on Saturday Night Live this year.

The skit follows “The Pool Boy,” played by Pepe Davidson and Julia Louis-Dreyfus who overly emotionally attempts to end their affair. She’s a PTA mother, she’s successful and she’s not about to lose her family to “The Pool Boy.”

But what happens when Nick Jonas is hired as her new landscaper—well, just check out the video below and we’re sure you’ll be laughing at his sexy muscles and her reaction to them. Let us know what thought of the skit in the comments below. And don’t forget to subscribe to positive celebrity gossip Newsletter. Remember, this is always going to be our celebrity safe zone. And getting the latest positive news directly in your inbox will help jumpstart your mornings in a positive direction.

Keep up the great work SNL. I want to just shout out the cast and crew as well because telling a story takes more than just actors and actresses. You all did a wonderful job.

Blessed be.

Nick Jonas, Pepe Davidson and Julia Louis-Dreyfus on Saturday Night Live ( April 16, 2016 )



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