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Zedd and Kesha Sebert at Coachella. See the surprise performance now!

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Zedd and Kesha Sebert at Coachella!

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kesha zedd coachella,kesha true colors zedd,kesha zedd,kesha true colors,kesha,coachella,zeddI remember when Zedd kicked off his “True Colors,” tour in Salt Lake City, Utah at the famous “Saltair,” where ravers get together and spread love. And we’ve said it once and we’ll say it again, one does not simply attend a Zedd event without noticing his unique sound and personality. Zedd’s music has this touch of ‘something,’ and it always creates the perfect musical recipe.

He’s worked with well-known artists Selena Gomez “I Want You To Know,”—it was magical. And he’s always there for his family, friends and fans. Zedd has a positive mind set and it seems he loves to surround himself with people who also love positivity. He doesn’t put up with people’s bull and stays away from negativity.

Remember the quote “What’s done behind closed doors truly defines a person?” Personally, I think it fit’s Anton Zaslavski well because he has a huge heart and it’s evident he has no problem being himself in front of the whole-entire world.

Zedd doesn’t often come out into social media and give into gossiping tabloids—and that’s why we know he really cares about those he works with in the industry. It was just a few months ago that he tweeted out to Kesha Sebert regarding her music and inviting her over to collaborate together. And if you didn’t know she’s been unable to produce/sing music since her case against her producer Dr. Luke who allegedly raped her when she was 18-years-old and mentally abused her throughout her career.

esha zedd coachella,kesha true colors zedd,kesha zedd,kesha true colors,kesha,coachella,zeddDue to the battle she’s been unable to perform. But Anton Zaslavski probably couldn’t stand the fact that she’s being held back from doing what she loves. Zedd (Anton) took to Twitter and reached out to Kesha regarding the case tweeting:

“@KeshaRose very very sorry to hear about the whole situation. I’ll be happy to produce a song for you if want my help.”

And while they haven’t produced a song together yet (but now I’m starting to wonder) he had a surprise performer at Coachella this year—Kesha Sebert and she performed “True Colors,” in front of the whole audience while the handsome DJ played some beats behind her. The crowd went wild and she slayed the vocals.

The performance was almost a ‘rebirth,’ of what Kesha could become in the future. Zedd definitely helped Kesha Sebert shine. And I do feel that a collaboration would be amazing because her voice fit in perfectly. (I wonder if she’ll venture more into the EDM scene?)

If you guys haven’t seen the video of Kesha performing “True Colors,” then you can check it out below. We’re sure it will blow you away. Don’t you feel like this was the perfect way to say “Fck You,” to Dr. Luke? While we love to keep things positive at PCG, we don’t respect rapists and feel this was the perfect way to show that she’s not going to stop fighting in this battle. And she’s got the industry right behind her, not the people who doubt her but the people who believe in her and push her to be the best she can each and every-day.

Anton you’re a great friend and musician, proud of you and Kesha for the wonderful performance.

Let us know what you think about Kesha performing “True Colors,” and do you guys think she slayed the vocals as well? Sound off below!

Blessed be.

Zedd and Kesha Sebert at Coachella – True Colors – Live Performance!


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