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Kesha and Zedd spending time together today? See the pic!

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Kesha and Zedd working together according to her hair!


Okay, okay it’s all speculation at this point but The famous DJ uploaded a picture to Instagram today without a caption that has friends and fans speculating the unnamed woman in the picture with Zedd is Kesha Sebert.

Kesha and Zedd
Kesha and Zedd, click to go to

Kesha has been unable to work due to her legal battle with Dr. Luke who allegedly mentally abused her throughout her career and used a date rape drug on her when she first moved to Los Angeles when her career started to take flight. And because of the battle she’s been unable to sing and it’s stressed her out but family, friends and fans have been helping keep her motivated to stay strong.

DJ Zedd is the perfect example of a great friend. It was just last week when he surprised Coachella with a performance by Kesha where she performed “True Colors,” and she literally killed it, she did such a great job. Her vocals are to die for, don’t you think?

[ Kesha Rose Sebert teaches us never to settle for less than we deserve! ]

Fans adored it because they have been wanting to hear her sing for a while (that legal battle against Dr. Luke is the only thing holding her back) and Zedd offered to help her produce some music. And it might just be Kesha in the picture next to Zedd.

The picture was caption-less but did have a copyright for Rukes, he’s a fantastic photographer. Okay Lauraramonqiuers the time has come, take a look at the pictures and let us know what you think, is it Kesha sitting next to Zedd or do you think someone else might have similar hair who is collaborating with the talented DJ? Ready and sound off in the comments below, go!

Blessed be.


Kesha and Zedd collaboration???


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Do you think it’s Kesha Sebert in the Picture with DJ Zedd? And are they working on a Collaboration?!

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