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Kesha pens emotional letter to family, friends and fans! Check it out!

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Kesha pens emotional letter to family, friends and fans! Check it out!


zedd, music, kesha, studio, coachellaKesha Sebert has recently been making headlines and they’ve been positive and exciting. The beautiful lady started off by heading out to Coachella and being a surprise guest of DJ Zedd. It was a moment family, friends and fans everywhere will never forget.

It was one of her first performances since her on-going legal battle against ‘Dr. Puke,’ who allegedly made life in the limelight hell by body-shaming her, emotionally abusing her and sexually assulting her when her career first took flight.

The beauty hasn’t backed down in her battle and it’s made being able to release any music impossible. But according to Zedd Kemosabe and Sony gave them permission to release their jam and collaboration “True Colors.”

True Colors was released this week ( 4/29/2016) and fans loved it. Zedd really went the extra mile to help Kesha have a voice still—all she wanted was to live her dream and continue to make music and she’s doing it.

She couldn’t be more thankful, it was on Friday when she took to Instagram and penned a long and emotional message to each and everyone of you who supported her saying:


“hand over heart tears in my eyes thank you. I’ve never been so full of gratitude in my entire life. there are really no words my loves. you have fought for me for no reason and you have successfully changed my life. YOU have been there for me through a time I thought, at many different times, I couldn’t live through. I couldn’t fathom being on the other side. and here we are. thanks to YOU. every one of you. please know that my gratitude is beyond words and I will remember this forever till the day I die. ( I could only tag 20 people. trust I wish I could have tagged every one of you. please know it’s for every. single. one of you.”


Isn’t that sweetest message ever? I’m thankful that she stood up for her rights and I’m also pretty thankful that there are talented and loving producers out there like DJ Zedd. Anton you’re truly one of a kind and we’re so glad you had a blast collaborating with Kesha, we’re curious to see if you two will be working on more. But if you haven’t heard their latest single, check it out below. And don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

Blessed be.

Kesha and Zedd – True Colors



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