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Orange is The New Black: Remembering Season 3!

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Orange is The New Black: What to remember about Season 3!

Orange_is_the_new_Black (1)AND IT’S BACK!


How are you? I’m hoping fantastic, of course. The news is in and Orange is The New Black is back on Netflix. Everybody last night including myself and husband waited until the very last moments for the Netflix Original series to be released and we couldn’t wait to click play on our TV screens!

Don’t worry, I’m not writing this blog to give you any spoilers and I won’t make your coworkers yell at you or your Facebook friends block you for accidentally spilling some of the plot.

All I’m gonna say about Orange is The New Black is that I watch the first episode and if you remember, the inmates left off in Litchfield where they were given some freedom and swimming in a nearby lake. Having that much freedom must’ve felt really good thanks all thanks to that hole in the fence. And if you remember right there was a corrections officer who was also strangling Alex in the nursery as Season 3 came to a warp.

Things to remember about Season 3:


Here’s a few things I can share with you about season three of oranges the new black.

  • Do you guys remember those bunk beds that the women used to sleep in the prison well it seems like the prisons going under some changes and that means they’re doubling the number of inmates that are going to be housed at Litchfield and I’m pretty sure this isn’t going to cause happy times so you can look forward to some drama with that fact.
  • And we also have to remember that one of the new inmates his famous TV chef Judy King played by Blair Brown is spending her sentence at Litchfield with all the other inmates this other redheaded chef in the mix well I think there’s gonna be some issues there too
  • What about those new guards in Litchfield I don’t know what they’re doing  but it seriously is intense even looking at them one of the new guards actually raped Pennsatucky
  • Do you guys remember when larva and Cox’s character was being escorted to solitary because she needed protection? Well I think she still there and despite all of the efforts of Caputo’s friends I’m really hoping she won’t be there for much longer she’s a great character.
  • Piper, piper, piper she literally used to be my favorite character I honestly thought she was innocent I thought she was someone that I would start to love but she’s thrown her lover and business partner right under the bus if you can recall and she even gave her self and infinity tattoo because why well I don’t really know why because I’m not sure where the writers it going with the plot but she’s pretty badass and a little Cold Hearted now.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready to binge watch that show like a grown-up adult sitting in my room with chips popcorn whatever else I can shove in my mouth and my husband what better way to celebrate the day film and seriously really good show. I’m going to stop here because there’s no way I can continue to talk about the season without giving you any spoilers, check out the season trailer below and don’t forget to let us know what you thought of the first episode in the comments section! Don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter. Who doesn’t want to start off their day with positive news?

Blessed be!


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