PCG: Hollywood Life is filled with Hollywood Lies.

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Do you remember last year when Justin Bieber called out “Hollywood Life,” for their false and hurtful stories? He’s doing it again and it’s time we all took a stand and Gossip Cop is standing up for our rights as trustworthy journalists. Hollywood Life has made a joke out of every celebrity you could think of and their hurtful and made up lies are being called out by not only the talent they attack but many other journalists. And we’ll explain to you why Hollywood Life makes up all these false stories, we promise you, it’s only for their benefit.

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Readers online may not know a lot about social media and marketing but there’s one thing is important to remember websites will earn income based on clicks, advertisers and visitors. That means when you visit a website you’re helping them earn an income. The lies that Hollywood Life creates aren’t just a coincidence. Google is one of the most trustworthy search engines online and that means they only like to rank websites with unique and trustworthy content (news that hasn’t been written before or copied from another news outlet) they love creativity and that’s exactly why Hollywood Life gets away with their hurtful stories.

These tactics of theirs are not journalism and they put shame on those of us who work hard to bring out the best in all talent we interview but unfortunately, when you have websites like Hollywood Life talent become very weary of interviews and that’s not how it should be because we love helping talent shine and we absolutely love sharing their talent and helping them grow.

It’s already crappy that we can’t believe half the things we read on the Internet and that’s why we at PCG (positive celebrity gossip) choose to report uplifting stories. PCG has been devoted to creating positive celebrity news that helps and uplifts our talent especially in interviews.

And we’re glad that Gossip Cop has also noticed the issues that Hollywood Life has brought into the Journalism world. Gossip Cop has always worked hard it debunking fake news that some reporters choose to make a living off in this career (I don’t know how they do it) but we choose to take a path that offers positive celebrity gossip and news.

Did you know:

  • Justin Bieber has publicly called out this website will put multiple times on his Twitter and many other celebrities have talked against this website and recently uploaded a picture to Instagram calling out the popular website for their false news saying “#hollywoodlifeisgarbage #repost #spam #givethematasteoftheirownmedicine” the picture landing 731.3 thousand likes on Instagram.
  • Selena Gomez had made comments about Hollywood Life on Instagram saying “Hollywood life is never true. Ever.”

  • Hollywood Life makes up stories for unique content, unique content brings visitors to the site because it ranks better on Google.

Things you can do to avoid helping Hollywood Life generate an income:

  • Next let’s just make sure to remind people around you that Hollywood Life is not a trustworthy website, it is not a positive celebrity gossip and they do not seem to check for facts (one of the most important strategies in journalism) it’s not a trustworthy gossip site nor is it entertainment. It’s fraud.
  • Advertisers are key when it comes to making money. It’s important to realize that many websites are rewarded by their advertisers. If Hollywood Life is getting a good ranking that means the advertisers are likely to hire them in representation the product they’re selling. Advertisers should know who and what they are hiring (in this case numbers shouldn’t matter anymore, I feel we should be thinking about integrity).
  • Remember just don’t believe everything that you read online. Whether we complain about an article or website it does not mean that they’ll disappear because they have their right to create whatever they please (hurtful or not). But we can stand up against false news, harmful stories and journalism that mock all of us (not only celebrities in the limelight) they make real creatives look untrustworthy. That’s the last thing we need in our already corrupt world. Don’t forget to check out Gossip Cop they have some amazing advice and if you read something online that you’re not sure about be sure to check with us and Gossip Cop because we always strive to report positive celebrity gossip, factual stories and news that will only uplift you. Gossip Cop is excellent at debunking false news and keeping you up-to-date on what’s fake and real news.

Blessed be.


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