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Jon Bon Jovi made a stage four cancer patients dream come true!

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Jon Bon Jovi made a stage four cancer patients dream come true!

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Battling cancer can be one of the hardest trials to go through in this life. And I would have to say that being a daughter and watching your mother suffer from lung cancer is probably not the easiest thing to see, scratch that it’s the worst thing you could see regardless of who the person is in your life.

Rosie Skripkunis has been watching her mother fight stage IV lung cancer. And it was then that she wanted to do something really special for her mother Carol Cesario. Rosie Took to Facebook and shared her mother story with all of her friends after posting a status with a . Picture of her beautiful mother.

The caption read:

Jon Bon Jovi Surprises Fan Battling Stage IV Lung Cancer ..“So I think when I posted this my page was on private. So I fixed my settings and now everyone should be able to see it even if they aren’t my friend so please PLEASE SHARE THIS AGAIN! This is my mom Carol Cesario. The most loving and caring person you will ever meet. She has stage 4 lung cancer. She is known as mom to alot of people because she has taken care of so many kids. She has 4 children of her own that she took amazing care of. Always made sure we had what we wanted and what we needed. Now we want to do the same for her. Her dream is to meet Bon Jovi. Since the 80s she has loved him. I remember dancing around our home when I was little to Bon Jovi with her and when I was older rocking out in the car with her on our way to the beach in Seaside Nj. She deserves to have her dream come true so please share this everywhere and help her dream come true.

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And because of her daughter (Rosie Skripkunis) she was able to meet one of her biggest idol Bon Jovi. You know I think it’s pretty amazing the Bon Jovi was able to spend so much time with Carol. He spent about two hours chilling with her mom and family. Bon Jovi also took it upon himself to share his new album and gave them a signed guitar and book. How amazing is that I love seeing talent rise up and go above and beyond expectations Bon Jovi you are definitely one-of-a-kind and we look up to you here at PCG because you are a true celebrity with love any huge heart.

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Blessed be.

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