Matt Damon tackles the water crisis with!

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Matt Damon tackles the water crisis with!

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Did you know that there’s a huge clean water crisis? This is a huge issues in the world because water that isn’t clean can spread disease. And when disease spreads then safety disappears. Did you know that in Africa there are 332 million without water access? This lack of clean and safe water is not only deadly, dangerous and heartbreak but it’s an obstacle that has been trying to solve and Matt Damon is right by their side, helping as the eater crisis to the best of his abilities, that’s what’s up right there, don’t you think?

Matt Damon tackles the water crisis with!We really do take our sanitary water for granted. But did you know that about 100 years ago, New York, London and even Paris were one of the largest centers of infections disease? The child death reads were as high as they have ever been in history. And now, we are looking at the same situation in Sub-Saharan Africa. After took a pool in 2007 it became evident by the British Medical Journal that having clean water and acess to clean water is high on the list of being considered a “medical advancement,” and it all started in 1840. But there’s good news according to

We can make a difference and it just takes a little bit of effort, their idea states:

“We know how to bring people safe water and improved sanitation. We’re not waiting for a magic cure. And the solutions are simple and cost-effective. On average, every one US dollar invested in water and sanitation provides an economic return of four US dollars. For only $25, can bring someone access to safe water.”

How amazing is that? And they even stand out different among other missions. But what exaclty makes different? Let’s take a look at their beliefs, goals and views about water and how we can start to make a difference. and their views:

  • “We believe in the power and autonomy of the people we serve. They already have the power, the smarts and the rights to safe water and sanitation. So we focus on removing barriers, increasing access and empowering people. This makes it possible for the people we serve to own and grow long term water and sanitation solutions.
  • We have the experience and the passion to go the distance. We’ve been building solutions and making progress for 25 years. We constantly refresh our thinking, fine-tune our approach, engage the issue from every angle, and seek new and better ways to put water expertise to work.
  • We think in terms of practical economic solutions. Charity alone will not solve a problem of this magnitude. So we seek sustainable financial solutions. Our WaterCredit initiative makes small loans available, easy to repay (99% of loans are repaid) and made to be paid forward while unlocking deeper reserves of capital, so more and more people can equip themselves with access to the water and sanitation solutions they need.
  • We see an end to this problem. We created our New Ventures Fund to make sure we aren’t just making strides against the water crisis, but accelerating it into extinction.
  • An investment in is an investment in brighter futures. We’ve already helped millions. Join us, and together we can get safe water to millions more.”

Matt Damon tackles the water crisis with!Matt Damon has taken it upon himself to take a stand and help the world get clean water. It was on a recent trip to India when found Gary White opened up to Matt Damon about this crisis saying:

“Turns out it’s expensive to be poor.”

How sad is that? The poverty levels keep dropping and no money comes in? How in the world can we make changes if we are already at rock bottom (personally, I think It’s by lending a helping hand, doing service work and your part as a human being. It doesn’t matter where you live, there are always ways to help those who are less fortunate and water is a big deal in my opinion), don’t you think?

Damon opened up to Esquire during an interview at Sundance Film Festival saying:

“We were sitting in a slum and we were doing the math on how much these people were paying for water,” Damon said to Esquire during their interview at Sundance Film Festival in January. “It’s disproportionately higher than what the middle class pays, or the water going into the five star hotels. It’s just insane what these people pay. It’s that first gallon of water. It’s life or death.”

And now something amazing is happening because of their efforts to make a difference. has created what’s known as “Water Credit,” and this is how it works. It will provide around a $200 loan over two years. This will install a pipe that connects the town’s water system. And without that women are being forced to travel to a well (remember how people used to fetch water back in day and boil it in the fire to make sure that bacteria was killed), this takes a lot of work and I think many of us take that for granted. We can just walk to our fridge grab a bottle, two or three and call it a day.

The good news is that now more than 300 million people are being affected by “water credit,” and around 94 percent of those people take the loan are women and over 99 percent of those loans that are taken out are paid off within 2 years, more often than not sooner.Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.58.46 AM

Matt Damon thinks this is a huge step saying:

“I think ultimately the water credit has been huge for us,” Damon stated. “We have this new fund now to find new ways to expand water credit because it’s so successful. Gary had this belief and he was right. He was really, really right. Now you’re connected to the grid the same way a middle class person is,” Damon stated. “The innovation is that it’s an income enhancing loan, because it frees up the time, rather than an income generating loan.”

What an amazing way to take on the water crisis, don’t you think? Matt Damon might be best known for his roles in your favorite films like “Bourne Identity,” “Saving Private Ryan,” Good Will Hunting,” and “The Departed,” but when he’s not doing what he loves in the limelight, he’s out making a difference in the world.

That’s what’s up Matt, you are truly helping so many people are we are glad that you’ve teamed up with If you didn’t know about the crisis, check it out and don’t forget to let us know what you think about Matt Damon and how he’s teamed up with in the comments below. Do you guys have any cool ideas on how we can start making an even bigger difference? Let us know because we love to hear from you on positive celebrity gossip, your opinion matters and often times, talent love coming here and reading the good vibes. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter and stay tuned for more positive celebrity news, film reviews and more!

Blessed be.

Matt Damon and

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