Mel B went “Running Wild” with Bear Grylls & her daughter inspired it!

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Mel B went “Running Wild” with Bear Grylls & her daughter inspired it!

Mel B's daughter is absolutely inspirational!How adorable is it when your kid can inspire you to do something amazing in your life? That’s exactly what happened to Mel B (you’ll remember her better as ‘scary spice,’ from Spice Girls back in the 1990s). But The America’s Got Talent judge decided to check out the beautiful mountains and nature for NBC’s “Running Wild,” with Bear Grylls,” and it’s all thanks to her daughter Phoenix who helped push her mom to go above and beyond.

Mel B opened up to E! News about the experience saying:

“It was all my daughter Phoenix’s idea that I do the show. She convinced me it would be good for me to challenge myself inside and out. Phoenix knows I don’t even like going on roller coasters, I’m not an adrenaline rush kind of girl and most things I do I’m totally in control,” Mel B told E! News. “So to do this show was a big leap of faith in my daughter, and of course in Bear! Giving your trust, control and life to someone else is daunting but it was truly a life changing experience. I did things I never thought were possible.”

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 2.01.08 PMThat’s truly amazing and such a great connection with her daughter. I love seeing moments like this is everybody’s lives (I think its my favorite reading the things that my friends children say at home or during car rides home) kids are truly the best and can be beyond inspirational.

Mel B, sounds like you have yourself an angel and we’re glad that she’s so smart and sweet.

Did ya’ll know that Mel be will be returning to America’s Got Talent? And Hedi Klum, Howie Mandel and Simon Cowell will be back for next summer’s season. And let’s not forget that Nick Canon will be hosting, sounds perfect IMO.

Let us know what what you think of the bond Mel B and Phoenix have, isn’t it adorable? Has your kid ever said something you just couldn’t believe or imagine would help push you toward following more of your dreams? We’d love to hear some stories in the comments below!

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