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Cher Lloyd drops new music video for “Activated.” It makes you wanna dance!

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Cher Lloyd’s new song “Activated,” has a music video now! Have you seen it?!

What do you when Cher Lloyd drops a new music video? You settle down, press play and enjoy the jam you’re about to hear.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.49.23 AMYep! Cher Lloyd just dropped her new music video for her latest song “Activated,” and it’s nothing-less than amazing. The song isn’t even an official single and I’m already putting it on repeat. And it became obvious to Cher that her fans loved it because she really wanted to make the video for her fans. At least that’s what she opened up to Elle about regarding the new video saying:

“I wanted to make this video especially for my fans because while this track isn’t an official single, the reaction has been so incredible that I really wanted to follow it up with something special as thanks for all the support.”

Well, I think it’s catchy and love it, if you haven’t heard Cher Lloyd’s song “Activated,” check it out below, now you can see the video and hear the song. So, if it’s your first time make sure you HD that screen and activate those ears. And we’re pretty sure you dancers out there are going to want to choreograph a dance to this song, let us know what you think in the comments below! And don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter!

Blessed be!

Cher Lloyd’s new song “Activated,” music video

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