Justin Bieber and his actions behind closed doors change lives!

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Justin Bieber and his actions behind closed doors change lives!

Cancer… There are many words I’m sure we could all use to describe this disease. Let’s just keep it G and say it friggin sucks and it takes too many lives. There are so many good people and famialies that have to go to war with this disease and it breaks my heart.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 9.36.36 AMEspecially when it’s an innocent child who hasn’t even lived half their life, don’t you think that makes cancer THAT much worse? At least there are people in the world who acknowledge it’s terrible and want to help make a difference.

The truth is a lot of children have cancer, many different and rare forms and these children… Well.. They are just that, kids and they love their idols. That’s why when I see a story like “Demi Lovato visits children in hospital,” or “Justin Bieber gives one last wish,” I can’t help but smile. And that’s exactly what Justin Bieber has done for a terminally ill patient in New Hampshire.

It was just a few weeks ago and a beautiful girl named Karlee was suffering from a bone marrow disorder (those are pretty hard to fight) but she was fighting like no other. And Justin Bieber stopped by to visit with her and help her smile, her mother couldn’t have been more thankful, she took to Facebook and posted a picture thanking the “Cold Water,” singer:

“Justin I am thanking you with all my heart,” Drew wrote in her post. “You made my daughter’s wish come true in Boston.”

Regardless of what Justin Bieber does, he’s always looking impact the lives of others. Whether you agree with him or not, how many patients has he made smile? How many fans? How many Belibers? So may, including Karlee who was unresponsive for several days—but get this? She became more responsive after hearing a Justin Bieber song on a paramedic’s cell phone.

That’s what’s truly amazing, music does speak to the heart, in more ways than one. According to Fox 8 the paramedic put the phone on Karlee’s chest and she smiled:

“On one of her last days she was unresponsive to all except when the paramedic had put your song on his phone on her chest and my daughters head bounced up and down a few times and she smiled.”

That gave me the chills, no joke. Karlee’s mom finished thanking Justin Bieber by letting the world how kind he is:

“I hope you know you are the sweetest, kindest person. Please know you really do make such a difference in this world, spreading love to so many. From the bottom of my heart thank you.”news, justin bieber, terminally ill girl

Actions truly do speak louder than words, we say these things about our families and friends everyday on Facebook. It shouldn’t matter who is dating who—or what’s going on in someone’s personal life. It’s those things they do behind closed doors that count. And you don’t see Justin Bieber bragging about the good things he does for others, do you?

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All you see is negativity, in this life you have to make choices, choices on what to read and believe. And not everything you read on the internet is accurate. It’s just like the game telephone, so, if you’ve been dragged into the drama that’s been speculating around the Biebs, take a step back and realize what’s truly important, it’s these things, the loving things he’s doing behind closed doors.

The mistakes we make together in this life, NEVER define us, we create ourselves. Justin you’re truly amazing for all you do.

Cancer is no joke and losing a loved one to it isn’t any easier. But I’m certain that it helps to know that your child smiled a lot before their time and I’m sure it feels good to know you were a part of that smile. Life is about making people smile, loving unconditionally and never giving up, so be that person because we all can choose to be positive. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Newsletter and let us know what you think about his visits with charity in the comments below!

Blessed be.

Major Lazer – Cold Water (feat. Justin Bieber & MØ) (Official Lyric Video)

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