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Katy Perry talks about fan who thought they were together for 6 years!

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Katy Perry talks about fan who thought they were together for 6 years!

Katy Perry talks safety after a terrible ‘catfish,’ attempt. One of her fans actually thought he was in a relationship with Katy Perry and that they had been talking for more than 5-years (wow, that’s just crazy) but it get’s even worse because it’s not just some ‘crazy fan,’ there are people who do this on a daily basis, you’ve seen the TV show “Catfish,” on MTV right?

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 10.40.10 AMThere are people who are ashamed to be themselves, so they steal pictures of other people and pretend to be someone they are NOT in hopes of acceptance and love. And that’s why it’s important to be careful what you do on the internet.

Katy Perry has spoken up about the event and what happened to Spencer (the guy who thought he’s dating Katy Perry) because “Heather,” tricked him into thinking she was Katy Perry. But at least we can all learn a little something from this story, be careful with the people you talk to online—not everybody is who they say they are on the web.

Katy was on Sirius MX and commented about the situation saying:

“I didn’t actually read through it, because I just think it’s really unfortunate and very sad,” Perry said when asked if she read the story about Spencer and Heather. She continued “You know, not everyone can be ‘wide awake. I think that, you know, my heart goes out to him, actually,” Perry stated. “Anybody that’s been fooled like that or just you know… People have dreams, and people live in different parts of the world where not everything is as accessible.”

And she couldn’t be closer to the truth there—it sucks and it is heart breaking. We’re glad that this can at least teach us something positive. Always be careful online because chances are likely you’re not dating a celebrity in the limelight. But also, love yourself.

There’s no need to pretend to be someone else to find happiness. It comes when you least expect it. Don’t forget to let us know what you thought about the “Catfish,” story in the comments below. Have you ever been Cat fished? (I have and it’s no fun, this was during the Myspace years. My friend and I who were in middle school, started liking this girl who was pretending to be a guy whose fake name was “Jecq,’ and if they ever see this, I hope you’ve learned to love yourself).

Sound off guys, we wanna hear from you!

Blessed be.

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