Prince Jackson writes heartfelt poem about Michael Jackson!

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Prince Jackson writes heartfelt poem about Michael Jackson!

Did ya’ll know that Michael Jackson would have been 58-years-old today? The King was born on August 29, 1958 and passed away on June 25, 2009 in Los Angeles, California. Michael was only 5-years-old when he emerged as “The Jackson 5,” lead vocalist. And before we all knew it Jackson sold more than 750-million records worldwide—not to mention having 8 platinum/multiplatinum albums, thirteen #1 singles and over 47 tracks land the Billboard Hot 100.

That’s nothing less than impressive, he was quite the talented man and loved music with everything inside of him. But Michael Jackson wasn’t just a legend when it came to music. Michael was a wonderful father and loved his children with all his heart. And I know that giving thanks comes from the heart when it’s not fake or ‘merely said,’ with no emotional attachment—love can really be felt, don’t you think?

Michael Jackson’s son Prince Jackson shared a deep and touching poem in honor of his Father’s birthday. Prince Jackson called the poem The Myth, The Legend, The Man” It was in a recent Tweet where Prince Jackson opened up about celebrating his Fathers Birthday, tweeting:

“Today we celebrate the birthday of a legend, but don’t forget to celebrate the Man. Here is a sonnet written for him.” The poem is titled, “The Myth, The Legend, The Man,” it’s credited to “Michael Jackson Jr.” It lovingly starts, “To many he is king, to me, a man/All he inspires, to lead a noble cause.”

And left behind a beautiful poem that reads:

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 10.43.10 AM“The Myth, The Legend, The Man
Michael Jackson Jr.

To many he is king, to me, a man
All he inspires, to lead a noble cause.
Everyone is family, not a fan
Even while receiving thunderous applause.
The many know the Legend and the Myth,
A lucky few know the Man as he is
But not as the Jackson family fifth.
“Son, Brother, Father,” these few know him as.
He is the Myth, the Legend and the Man.
He cares for his mother and his chidlren.
The world and everyone, he is a lamb.
He is pure, tested, yet has forgiven.

He is the archangel known as Michael
He is with us and our tears we must stifle.”

D’aww words straight from the heart. We’re pretty sure that his dad (Michael Jackson) would have been so happy to read this poem. It’s amazing how strong love is and the bond between a family. I love this poem about Michael Jackson. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below and lets celebrate this wonderful mans Birthday, leave some of your favorite songs in the comments below. And maybe some of your favorite memories.

Blessed be.

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