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Justin Bieber, the brutal truth.

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Justin Bieber and his new hairI’ve tried not to speak up on this subject since it spread across the internet, but I can’t keep quiet any longer. There has been a lot of drama with and about Justin Bieber, and the media has made quite a huge ordeal out of it. I had planned to maintain my silence, but today things have come to a head. More than a few people have asked me the big question: “What do you think about the situation with Justin Bieber?” And, of course, I didn’t want to take a public stance yet, so I casually responded: “Huh? What situation? I hope you’re having a nice day.” I talk with my readers a lot via Twitter and the questions keep coming up: “What do you think about Justin Bieber deactivating his Instagram?” “How could he call us ‘fans’?” “What do you think about him dating Sofia Richie?”

(That’s when I decided to give it an answer, and I truly hope I drive the point across because that behavior was unacceptable).

Let’s get something straight before we begin, because I’m betting (even though I’m being asked my opinion), there will be some that disagree (which is completely fine), but let’s not forget that you asked. And most importantly, let’s never forget that Justin Bieber doesn’t owe you a damn thing.

Understand that statement as A FACT. It’s sad that our generation feels so entitled.

Justin Bieber doesn’t owe you anything, he doesn’t owe you a private concert, he doesn’t owe you signed autographs, he doesn’t owe you random selfies on the street, he doesn’t owe you a high-five, he doesn’t owe you anything other than what he was hired and payed to do, which is to entertain. Many Beliebers have taken to Twitter to complain about how: “Before, [Justin] used to do more for us.” But that’s not the case at all because he does a lot for you already by keeping you informed, letting you know about the people he has in his life (by posting Instagram pictures) and posting pictures of his events and so many other countless ways. And there are so many people that, instead of being thankful for the little things (because he is so busy), spend their time complaining and being hateful. And it’s not fair to set unrealistic expectations like that for anyone in your life (or treat people on the internet disrespectfully, like I’ve seen for the last little while).

Let’s take a step back, rewind… Many people see Justin Bieber as their idol and almost feel entitled to expect certain things of him. But the one fact people don’t see is that Justin Bieber is a human-being, just like you and I. There’s no difference. We bleed the same blood, we feel the same pain, we have to sleep and eat because we are nothing more or less than human.

Justin BieberWhat does this mean?

This means because Justin Bieber is a human, he has to work and it just so happens that he is talented and loves the entertainment industry. And it also just so happens that he has successfully made his way into the entertainment industry by working hard on YouTube videos and gaining the attention of “Beliebers,” before he was even famous. And in case you didn’t know, Justin Bieber had a YouTube channel before all this fame. That’s where all his fans started, he made a name for himself and then Scooter Braun was there to push him the rest of the way by introducing him to the right people and having him audition for the role (application process) in the entertainment industry.

The industry requires and expects so much of its talent. (You can learn more about the industry by clicking >>here<<; it will pop-up in a new window; it’s a link to an outline of entertainment and what it entails). But in short we can cover some of that here as we discuss Justin Bieber.

When working within the industry there are no short-cuts, you have to work your BUTT OFF and then some to get the job, and then you have to work to keep it. … And there’s very little room for not being ‘perfect’ at what you do, regardless of your title because there’s a lot of money on the line, so, when you’re applying to be a musician (Justin Bieber for example) the industry looks for highly motivated, energetic, charismatic, funny and out-going and loving people to hire. This means that you should also be imaginative because you’re always looking of new ways to ENTERTAIN PEOPLE (please, re-read that sentence). It means a lot because that’s what “Hollywood” started as and that’s exactly how it will continue to live on in this world.justin bieber calvin klein,justin bieber calvin klein ad,kendall jenner calvin klein,kendall jenner calvin klein ad,justin bieber,kendall jenner

Entertainment started way before human history (think about how your dog plays and even wild animals but thinking in a relatable aspect). Don’t forget about the Ancient Romans who had amphitheaters. They held gladiatorial fights at these amphitheaters (rather than seeing a concert) because it was a very different time for the entertainment industry. Also, they held Chariot racing at these amphitheaters. Reminds me how many different forms of entertainment we have today.

Why is this all relevant to Justin Bieber?

Well—Justin Bieber was hired on as a musician to entertain you. That’s his job, when he’s on the clock. Let’s be real, it’s impossible to be on the clock 24 a day, 7 days a week. First, it’s not healthy. Second, let’s not pretend that (if you are old enough to work or even think about school) when you’re forced to work or study harder than what the mind can take, you get stressed out, no?

Well, Justin Bieber was hired as a musician to entertain people in the world. The ones who enjoy his tracks and like his style. Those are the people he markets to when creating any new music or video. That’s his job, right? And that’s what he works hard on when he’s on the clock. Justin even goes the extra mile to visit charities and he still does visit these places because they are near and dear to his heart.

The Biebs loves his “Belibers”. That will never change because he knows that you helped encourage him with words (words can tear someone up or bring them down) and the only time we’ve noticed anger come out of Justin Bieber is when others are bullying or being hateful (it seems the same in this instance) don’t you think?

Justin Bieber was hired to entertain millions of people with his talent. That means he provides the CD, clothes and whatever else the label asks and then he’s ‘doing his job.’ You know, artists… Just because they are popular for directing, writing, singing or acting, it doesn’t mean they are any less normal than you. They are employed and even have reviews on how to be better at the job they do, they spend countless hours studying, reading your HONEST critique because they write music out of love and wanting it to be relatable to life.

Writing and helping your fans see and feel something that’s relatable has to be an amazing feeling (it is when I write, whether they all like it or not). Many artists have already said “seeing the audience connect with the music is inspiring.” And that’s exactly what they were hired to do. The rest just falls into place, you like the product they provide and you buy the music.

Think about it guys! Back in the day we didn’t have smart phones with cameras attached to our bodies. Literally, we are addicted to our phones. So, if Justin Bieber spent all his time taking Selfies with you while he was ‘clocked out’ of work then he would never have time for himself and in order to have a healthy mind-set, body and life you need to have that time to recharge.

No, I don’t think that he did anything wrong by asking his “Beliebers” to not ask for selfies on the street. How about getting to know the person behind the mask? Isn’t that what you want to know? What’s the point of taking a picture without a REAL story to tell?

Personality is way more important than a picture to plaster on a wall and say: “Oh, I met Justin Bieber.” Hell, if I meet anyone I want to know something different about them, I want to know what makes them write so brilliantly. because then I can talk more about the ‘profound moment’ where I met the best director or cinematographer in the world. (But I think a lot of us see JUST from the outside). And the way we are doing it is simple and wrong because it’s bullying.

Throwing excuses that ‘they signed up for this, it’s his life, we made him rich, they’ll dump girl or boy X in a day or two, she’s ugly, he’s fat, he can’t sing anyway, etc’ and whatever else people have been saying is unacceptable.

Those are not excuses, that’s bullying, and if you’ve ever been bullied you’d recognize it right away. It’s like being in school, college or the work place and doing well, really well, and everybody has all these high expectations of you and then you just can’t seem to hold up to the standards anymore… You have to learn it’s okay to say ‘no,’ and that’s exactly what Justin Bieber is doing, exercising HIS right to say ‘NO’ outside of his WORK.Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber "Dangerous Woman"

Okay, okay, I understand that you just want to meet your ‘idol,’ but acting aggressive, abusing his family, friends and one another over the whole situation is a joke. (TBH, you should all be ashamed of yourselves if you’ve taken part in the recent ROASTING because if it were you, I highly doubt you’d be smiling right now).

Everybody wants to meet their idol, but let’s not forget that we also live in a very different world right now. Christina Grimmie was taken from us too soon and she was an idol to millions. And she still is that beautiful young woman… But would you want to do any meet-and-greets if you felt it was a security issue? would you?I doubt you would go to school or the mall if you knew there was an issue or threat. And we don’t know what goes on in Justin Bieber’s life and why he made the call, but the fact is he did and instead of being supportive, many of you jumped off the Bieber train and started to bash on him.

And that’s just shameful.

Calling “Beliebers,” a “Fan.”

Justin-Bieber.pngDo you guys know how many times a day he interacts with those who also work in the industry? They don’t just walk around the studio and say “my Beliebers,” or whatever fandom you’re a part of… That would just feel weird, wouldn’t it?Beliebers represent him, it’s like referring to yourself.

They refer to you guys professionally, especially when at work. Wasn’t he in work mode that night, prepping for a concert? And even if you still disagree, it’s a silly thing to be mad about. And holding grudges never gets us anywhere in life. Mistakes happen. But the roasting and bashing that happened, all because of his friend…. Unacceptable. And that brings us to our next subject.

Sofia Richie.

I don’t care that they’re dating, in fact they are cute together and if that’s who makes him smile, good on him. You should be happy for Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie. Not blasting on them and bullying. (I saw the same thing in high-school. Jock dating a ‘not so popular,’ girl and boys even). He focuses a little on himself and everyone loses their minds.

Simple solution, grow up.

And to everybody saying they want to ‘kill themselves, Justin Bieber cheated on them, the love of their life is gone, etc.’ (I’m truly sorry you feel this way) but do know that life goes on and there’s someone special out there for you as well. I hope you realize your worth and continue thinking in a more positive manner. (It’s insane to let an ‘idol,’ affect you to that extent). If you are feeling that broken up about him having a life other than what he was hired to do, maybe you should break up with the idolatry, so you can be healthier as well. Much love.

To wrap up, the whole drama going on about Justin Bieber not wanting this or that and having a friend that’s a girl (because let’s be real, touring and dating isn’t very easy) is an absolute joke. And all the media outlets having fun making fun of the whole thing should also be ashamed of themselves.Justin-Bieber-Water-Complex.png

All they’re doing is:

  • Leading fans in the wrong direction.
  • Making up speculation to get better results on Google’s search engine.
  • Having zero respect for other people or their careers. They should be using their talents to help people shine, not tear them down.
  • Creating useless information on the internet which is completely against Google’s Use of Terms
  • Being careless (people who write in this manner are reckless and I can’t associate with that kind of behavior).
  • Being unprofessional. They’re not looking for facts. They speculate a lot on rumor, which talent hate by the way… In case you haven’t caught on yet. (I would refuse interviews with publications who bash and make up rumors). Have you seen an inspiring or productive EXCLUSIVE on Hollywood Life? I didn’t think so.
  • Making Google hate you.

Justin Bieber doesn’t owe the industry extra, he doesn’t owe you extra, he doesn’t owe the paps extra. The only person Justin Bieber owes anything to is his God and himself. And family never leaves. If “Beliebers” were family, they wouldn’t ever leave, regardless of rough times.

Justin-Bieber-White-Calvins_thumb.jpgYour true colors shine during other people’s trials just as much as your own. When you stick around during others trials [people you claim to love and care about in your life ] you are being strong for them when they cannot stand. You should always support people during their ‘times of trial,’ and regardless of how a person’s choice makes you feel, be positive and loving during the situation. It’s okay to give constructive critique, but insulting them for who they date, like, what they do for a living or whatever reason comes up is nothing less than bullying. The very bullying many of your idols have talked against, the same bullying that your idols have “saved you from.” And you sit here and bully talent because you feel entitled in your brain but in reality… I’m sorry the only things you’re entitled too are the things you give YOURSELF in this life. (Life doesn’t just hand you a million dollars or whatever else you might think comes with merely existing). You have to work hard to get it, be respectable, professional and enduring.

Bullying is not a part of “success.” (Trust me).

Remember to love people. They are just like you. They have the same heart on the left (or right) of the their chest and they bleed the same blood. Being on the receiving end of a “roast” isn’t fun and you’ve been there (we all have) and we’ve also roasted (we all have) and while it can be fun, it’s bullying. And that’s why we are supposed to be the best person we can be every day.

The sun rising is a new day to start fresh. And that means you can start over with your roasting and just stop, respect people in and out of the industry for who they are as people and love yourself as well because life is too short to hate.

Let us calm ourselves and let’s start a #SupportJustinParty by sharing this story and help him feel the love. We’ll go ahead and link to a few of our favorite positive blogs, you can read about the awesome things Justin Bieber has done for charity, those with cancer, family, friends and fans.

Blessed be.


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