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Justin Bieber covers Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car!” It’s Amazing!

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Justin Bieber covers Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car!” It’s Amazing!

If you didn’t catch BBC earlier this morning then you may have missed Justin Bieber performing “Fast Car,” originally sang by Tracy Chapman. And Justin Bieber had a great time singing Justin Bieber singing fast carbecause apparently “Fast Car,” is one of his ‘favorites,” he told BBC, family, friends and fans saying:

“This is one of my faves.”

And then he took off with his perfect voice and acoustic guitar. (When he has that acoustic by his side, I swear the real Justin comes right on out). Don’t you agree? Justin also opened up about his mom and this song saying:

“My mom used to play it my whole childhood, so it’s just a part of my childhood and one of my favorite songs.”

(I used to sing this and jam out to this song on the way to set, I remember I heard a cover of it and then fell in love with the original version of “Fast Car,” by Tracy Chapman and the cover version I found on YouTube. And now I have a new cover version to add my to playlist, thanks J-dawg).

If you haven’t heard the cover you can check it out below and don’t forget to let us know what you thought in the comments below.

Blessed be.

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