Terrible Ideas Film Convinced You To Try!

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Terrible Ideas Film Convinced You To Try!

Hollywood is after all, Hollywood which means they are excellent with making terrible idea’s look pretty badass, right? I mean, think of “Jackass,” series (all of those ideas are terrible, seriously terrible, yet absolutely hilarious) it’s filled with crazy ideas, pranks and challenges and to us, we either react in one of three ways:

  • Ohhhhhh, that’s so gross, how could they do that?
  • Yes, we need to try this, go get your iPhone.
  • No, just no turns off TV

The majority of teenagers today think these things are badass (I’ll assume because these types of shows always sell out in theaters) and they do try them at home. So, let’s take a look at a few more ideas that Hollywood has made to look badass but you should never try at home (lol).

Firing Two Guns at the same time.

Here we are, an intense action scene and our protagonist and antagonist are in a gun fight. The antagonist draws his weapons and starts shooting them both at the same time, taking down the antagonist.

Our reaction:

“Damn that was badass, give him two guns and he one bad dude.”


Using two guns makes them useless, there’s no control, you can’t aim correctly and you need to have a firm lock on your firearm. It’s simply impossible to just draw your guns and aim perfectly at any target—maybe with some intense training but then we have to look at human biology because the way our body eyes and body work (independently) we would need to hone each one in order to aim two guns at two different angles and dodge, while taking cover and taking all that recoil.

Did I just run the gun scenes for you? (I hope not cause it still LOOKS badass, lol).

Ahhh—using that Flamethrower grandma bought you.

Those that are familiar with a popular steam game “TF2,” know how much fun it is to pick up a flamethrower and start taking down enemies. This gun literally throws fire, how much more intense can it get? And have you ever noticed how in paranormal films they are usually the prime weapon of choice?

And it’s even been documented that people actually used these guns in the past. These babies were created by the Greeks around the 1st Century AD. They were actually used in World War l and World War ll. It was in World War ll when they became more popular among military soldiers. Did you know that German units even used flamethrowers during urban fights in Poland and they had these things installed on their ‘flamethrower vehicles,’ (I know right?). They had them installed on Sdkfz 251 (half rack) and Panzer ll and lll tanks. They were referred to as “Flammpanzers.”

(So, I guess you can say history and Hollywood have made flamethrowers look pretty sick).


There are so many disadvantages to using a flamethrower.

The first noticed disadvantages when using a flamethrower are how heavy they weigh. It makes things a lot harder for a soldier’s mobility.
It can only burn for a few seconds before needing to be refueled. Precision is key.
It was very visible on the battle field.
If you think about it, carry this huge tank is hazardous and it could easily be punctured meaning accidental explosions.

So, they aren’t all that great after all but they sure are in the video games and films (lol).

Using Laser Sights on a Sniper Rifle

You see it all over those action movies and television shows like CSI, Scandal, Nikita, The Dark Knight and so many more films. Protagonist or antagonist is on a mission and there’s always a sniper involved (okay, most times, okay… during the best most intense times).


It’s quite obvious… If you’re sniping them automatically you know that you’re about to shine a very bright and red dot onto the forehead of your target. And that’s going to blow your “secret,” mission because all it takes is someone saying “get down,” and you’ll miss right away.

The whole point of being a sniper is people aren’t supposed to see you coming. Period. (That’s how you do well in first person shooters as well. They’re my favorite. I fell in love with Titanfall).

The Suit and Tie

Hollywood has shown us that if you’re about to get crazy you better be dressed up in a suit and tie—or in the case of Nikita a hot ass dress. (I highly recommend this television-series, if you haven’t seen it yet) What sexy or hot looking assassin have you seen in joggers and tennis shoes? Think Collateral or The Transporter and almost all the characters in Tarantino’s films. (lol).


When you’re about to take someone on looking good doesn’t come in handy. In fact it makes things a lot harder than they should be because your constricted on the neck (in a suit) and think about that necktie, that could turn against you pretty quickly. And as most fighters are taught anything left hanging or any part of your clothing they can grab is your vulnerability. And women like “Nikita,” those heels, skirts and tight shirts, don’t even get me started on that one.

Shooting a lock off with a handgun (this one is my favorite).

You’re standing on an enemy base all you’re almost out, mission almost complete and you’ve reached a dead-end but there’s a door… It’s locked but that’s okay because your about to save the love of your life so you grab your handgun and shoot the lock right off.

Seductive, ey?


This isn’t even possible. (I hope I didn’t destroy your dreams of trying this one). But it’s simply not possible because a handgun is not strong enough to break a lock and we’re talking even higher quality handguns.

I’ve also seen in film where they do this outside to break into a home. That’ll blow your cover real quick. (Script supervisor, director, where are you… this one drives me crazy).

Breaking glass over someone’s head

Hollywood has a done a great job making it look cool to break a beer bottle over some bodies head but it’s not as cool as it looks.


Any type of glass used in Hollywood or on a film set is more likely fake. It’s really easy to make fake glass actually and we’re sure you’ve seen it on films. Do you guys have any ideas that come to mind when it comes to the “terrible ideas film convinced you to try,” subject? (I know some filmmakers have pet peeves that might fall into this category). Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Blessed be!

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