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Zedd and Grey release new track “Adernaline.”

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Zedd and Grey release new track “Adernaline.”

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Zedd… Zedd… Zedd…

It’s that signature sound that makes us want more every time he releases a new track. And Zedd just teamed up with Grey and released a brand new song called “Adrenaline.” This one is less in the ‘pop,’ genre and more within ‘pumping electro house.’

It’s a little different from what we are mostly used too but Zedd’s signature sound drops in at about 1:45 and you know right away it’s him because of the synths, fast pace and rhythm that it carries. Zedd opened up about “Adernaline,” saying:

“I’ve been playing ‘Adrenaline’ out live for quite a while now and it’s been a big moment in my sets. I’m so happy to finally release this song and share it with the world. It’s yet another collaboration with my boys Grey. It being part of the FIFA 2017 soundtrack is super cool because I have always been a big fan of the FIFA games!”

That’s what’s up right there (I love FIFA) good work man. If you haven’t heard Zedd’s new track and collaboration with Grey then check it out below and let us know what you thought in the comments. Did you like it? Do you prefer the ‘pop’ sound or do you like the way Zedd and Grey mixed it up?

Blessed be.


Zedd and Grey – Adrenaline (Audio)

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