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Don’t Breathe takes it’s second weekend at the box office!

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Don’t Breathe takes it’s second weekend at the box office!

Checking the Box Office always reveals a surprise. This weekend the new horror film “Don’t Breathe,” has won for the second weekend in a row at the box office. Don’t Breathe earned $15.7 million gross. And with both weekends combined the film has earned an exact total of $51,123,952 gross!

The director Fede Alvarez and writers Rodo Sayagues Mendez should be very proud of themselves for creating a film where talent can truly shine. The film stars some of the best in the limelight including Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette and Stephen Lang.

Don’t Breathe follows a plot where a group of Detroit teens who rob people. But their next robbery will not be a fun one because they chose the wrong house this time. The stars are confronted with a vengeful veteran who is blind. (Can you imagine how that’s going to turn out for the teens. And since the film was written by Fede Alverez, best known for the “Evil Dead,” remake we can count on a good film).

If you haven’t seen the latest horror film keeping people on the edge of their seats then maybe it’s time to plan a date night or head out with the family. (It’s close enough to Halloween, in my honest opinion, lol).But Don’t Breathe seriously relates… (I mean whats worse than a robbery and a blind veteran)?

'Don't Breathe' held the top spot at the box office for the holiday weekendUsers on IMDB have already started reviewing the film. And they are coming in quick. User “thedude00,” recently reviewed the film. And it was spot on. He said:

“After Evil Dead’s well-made remake, a lot of us felt that Fede Alvarez was a director to watch. With Don’t Breathe, he definitely became a director I’m very excited to see future projects from.

I admire his knack to generate tension. After the film kicks off, there is really no stopping. It became almost unbearable at the end, nearly reaching the point of overkill. When you have a thriller filled with so much tension throughout its running time, there’s only so much you can do before you start yelling “you gotta be kidding me” at the screen.

The cinematography was beautiful and moody and the performances were fine, except maybe Jane Levy, who I felt was too wooden, making her character a bit unlikable.

Don’t Breathe was a solid effort and a great addition to the home invasion genre with a little twist.”

And another user “ninadmauskar” of IMDB described the budget and how it’s technically a Hollywood success. He said:

“The movie is a low budget movie but will surely have commercial success thanks to the direction and screenplay. The movie is mostly positive. There are several thrilling moments. The direction is awesome, the story line is brilliant, the script and the overall make is very good. Everyone has acted well. The setup is scary. The background score also adds to the tense moments. One of the scenes is inspired from the old classic ‘Wait until Dark’. The story should have ended 15 minutes earlier, but it continues.

Overall, a thumbs up. Watch this movie. Don’t bring kids under 16 to the movie theater. There are some scenes that you don’t want the kids to watch.”

Check out the trailer if you haven’t seen it and get ready for a fun date night (if it seems like your type of film).

Blessed be.

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DON’T BREATHE – Official Trailer (HD)

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