Leslie Jones teaches us to stay positive during hard times!

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Leslie Jones teaches us to stay positive during hard times!

It’s unfortunate that Leslie Jones was hacked and some photographs that shouldn’t have ended up online, did… But the beautiful star is doing just fine after the photo hack and she’s thanking her family, friends and fans for all the support.

Leslie Jones staying positive. Celebrity GossipThere was a lot of personal information leaked, which is never fun to deal with (sorry girl) but she’s got good people behind her and we’re certainly glad. She took to Twitter to thank her fans. She said:

“Thanks to my fans and friends! I’m soooooo ok really. And I will always be funny been through a lot in my life and I ALWAYS GET BACK UP!”

And she couldn’t be more on-point. Sometimes in life things happen and it sucks but you can’t let it keep you feeling low. You just gotta go with the flow and dodge the punches of sadness because it can become consuming (but you have to be strong in life) and we’re glad that Leslie Jones is showing her strength and continuing on with life in a positive ways, that’s what’s up right there girl.

Have you ever had to deal with something like that? (I imagine it’s terrible) I hope everybody has had a wonderful weekend. And we’re sending you lots of love Leslie Jones! Thank you for being a grand example on staying positive. If you haven’t subscribed to our positive celebrity gossip Newsletter. Check it out!

Blessed be.

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