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Tom Holland: Rock Paper Dead cast revealed!

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The Cast for Tom Holland’s “Rock Paper Dead” Announced!

Director of Rock Paper Dead has announced the cast for the thriller. The film is about a serial killer (Peter Harris, the Doll Maker) and when he returns to his ancestral estate after being in the Rock Paper Deadstate hospital because he was considered “criminally insane,” memories begin to return from his childhood.
(The film gets even creepier) But it’s not just memories, Peter begins receiving visitations from his past victims. But when Ashley (a young beautiful lady) enters his life.

He must make a choice between the road which lead to murder or something completely different. The film will feature some excellent talent including Michael Madsen, Luke Mcfarlane, Maureen McCornick, Tatum O’ Neal, Natalina Maggio, Ari Lehman and many more talented actors and actresses.

Although a release date and trailer are not available, stay tuned and we’ll keep you updated with the latest positive celebrity gossip and film news.

Blessed be!

[Image: IMDB “Rock Paper Dead” 2017 ]



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