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Why are adult coloring books a popular trend now?

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Why are adult coloring books a popular trend now?

Have you noticed your friend coloring on their lunch break at work or school? And have you asked yourself “Why are adult coloring books the latest trend?” (Lol, I’ll admit at first, I thought… I miss coloring, it was my favorite thing to do as a child). And then I bought a coloring book and noticed a change in my life.

Adult coloring books have actually been used in history (they were a little different) but psychologist “Carl Jung,” had the right idea when he said that it could help a patient access their subconscious and learn about themselves. And it’s no secret that psychologists suggest coloring to patients and that suggestion has gained a lot of popularity this 2016. Even Justin Bieber was talking about how he loves using adult coloring books and posted pictures on Instagram.

The few things that adult coloring books provide an individuals lifestyle may surprise you. Let’s take a look at what adult coloring books offer us.

  • They help an individual focus on the actual act of coloring rather than other possible troubling thoughts.
  • They help with emotional stress.
  • Adult coloring books offer adults a way to lessen stress because the distraction.
  • It’s been proven to help PTSD, anxiety and even sleep issues.
  • Memories, it brings us back to a time and helps us reminisce (which can be healthy).
  • The brain actually enjoys when people color (seriously) it utilizes an area of the brain that will enhance focus and concentration.
  • It helps with problem solving and organization.
  • Did you know coloring uses both sides of the brain? The right and the left side of the brain.

(I wouldn’t mind corporations handing these out to their employee’s).

If you haven’t tried coloring yet, you should definitely look into purchasing a coloring book because they have many benefits. And they have all sorts of different styles and genre’s of coloring books. That way you have so much to choose from when picking an adult coloring book.

Have you tried adult coloring books? Let us know in the comments below! We want to know if it helped you in positively in life.

Blessed be.

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