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What did Beyonce do for her birthday?

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What did Beyonce do for her birthday?

It was Beyonce birthday and Jay Z wasn’t going to let her forget it.

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Beyonce and Jay Z

The birthday girl and Jay Z had front-row seats at the Budweiser Made in America festival and were both were able to enjoy all the performances. E! News confirmed that Beyonce and Jay Z were enjoying jams from Chance the Rapper, Coldplay and other artists like Kelly Rowland, La La Anthony and even Carmelo Anthony.

It was speculated that the two were ‘lovey dovey,’ the whole entire time. (Which makes me happy because seeing people succeed and have happiness tends to make me happy. I love it. It’s the best feeling seeing people do what they love in life). The witnesses who were also attending the event opened up to E! News. They said:

“They were acting very affectionate and dancing with each other near the stage,” an eyewitness shared with E! News. “Jay Z had his arms around her and kissed Beyoncé during the show. He was dancing behind her the whole concert.”

That’s just adorable, don’t you agree? And to make things even better on Sunday morning all her fans woke up to an uploaded video of her latest song “Hold Up,” and they LOVE it. . You’re amazing and we hope you had a Happy Birthday Queen B.

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Blessed be.

Beyoncé – Hold Up

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