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Britney Spears and Justin Bieber have both stood up to the media!

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Britney Spears and Justin Bieber have both stood up to the media!

Britney Spears, CELEBRITY JUSTICE ™, Exclusive, Music, Gossip / RumorsBritney Spears is standing up for what’s right for herself and those in the limelight. Media outlets have been known to report false news just to get ‘the clicks.’ (We wrote an article about Hollywood Lies that goes over the whole reason outlets will do this and if you’re interested in reading it just >>click here<< it will open in another window). But Britney isn’t going to put up with any of the bull crap this time because she’s threatening to sue “In Touch,” magazine.

They recently wanted to put out a story that she didn’t agree with (and I think we should always respect what people want, especially if it’s not respectable news) and they are still insisting on releasing the article. In Touch has been known to write false stories but this one is going far again and right as Britney Spears has established and working hard in her career.

This seems to be unfair, don’t you think? Especially if it’s false news. And that’s why she’s warning them not to publish the article. (Honestly, I don’t think Britney has anything to hide, she loves being herself. I feel like this is truly about the way media outlets disrespect people to make a dollar and I feel like if you can’t use your talent to bring out the best in people then you should pick another career but that might just be me)? It’s been speculated the magazine still wants to run the story.

PCG: Hollywood Life is filled with Hollywood Lies. ]

We certainly hope they don’t because anything that’s defamatory and offensive should be kept off the internet. Google doesn’t care for fake articles anyways, it’s against their terms of service (in case you didn’t know). And a source close to the singer has opened up about how Britney Spears is feeling regarding the situation.

They opened up to TMZ saying:

“the singer and her team are sick of “made-up” stories, especially in the face of how hard she’s worked to turn her life around. They say if the story runs they will absolutely sue the magazine, adding this will be the first of many lawsuits to stop the lies.”Britney Spears, CELEBRITY JUSTICE ™, Exclusive, Music, Gossip / Rumors

Apparently TMZ has reached out to In Touch magazine but has not heard back. I think this is a great way to stand up against online bullying. Writing false news is bullying, especially when it’s negative, right? Let us know what you think in the comments below. (I certainly hope more talent stand up and make it known that the media can’t continue to talk negatively and create false stories for their own personal gain).

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Blessed be.



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