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Narcos Netflix series has been renewed! Check it out!

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Narcos Netflix series has been renewed! Check it out!

Everybody that has been pulled in by the Netflix series “Narcos,” will be happy to know that seasons 3 and 4 have been renewed by Netflix. Narcos is a series about criminal exploits of a Colombian drug lord known as “Pablo Escobar.”

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Narcos was created by Carlo Bernard, Chris Brancato and Doug Miro. And it stars some of the best in the limelight including Wagner Moura, Boyd Holbrook, Pedro Pascal and many more. Fans have been completely drawn in by the series and have described it as a ‘true original.’

An IMDB user (Michael Radny) all the way from Perth, Australia had a lot of good to say about the film in the reviews. He said:

“Incidentally, I saw an ad for Narco on YouTube, and instead of skipping the ads like I normally do, I played this one out because I was genuinely excited for what I was watching. Instantly I jumped onto Netflix and I was not disappointed. This is a truly gripping show, one of the best I’ve seen this year. The characters and acting are done well and the storyline moves at a fast enough pace to get your adrenalin pumping for the whole episode. My only fear was that it would be too generic of a Crime drama, but those feelings were quickly swept away. This is truly an original and thoroughly planned out TV show with a whole lot of heart.

Maybe the best on Netflix at the moment. Narco doesn’t disappoint with any aspect of the show. It’s exciting and fast paced, but above all, it makes you want to keep coming back for more.”

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If you haven’t seen the television series Narcos then we would highly recommend it because it doesn’t look like it will be canceled anytime soon and fans can’t wait to see more (already) and it’s a year out from the new season. (I hate waiting for new seasons to shows I love… That’s why I always try to wait them out but sometimes it’s impossible to wait until the complete series is wrapped up. Shows like Narcos, OITNB and so many more have made waiting too difficult because they are that good).

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Narcos Season 3 | Only on Netflix 2017 | Netflix

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Narcos | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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