Lady Gaga ‘Perfect illusion’ Live at The Moth. See it on PCG!

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Lady Gaga ‘Perfect illusion’ Live at The Moth.

Lady Gaga "perfect illusion
Lady Gaga | Perfect illusion | LIVE |

Does everyone remember yesterday (September 9, 2016) when Lady Gaga surprised family, friends and fans with her LIVE performance of her new single “Perfect Illusion?” If you didn’t catch the amazing performance, don’t worry you can check it out here on positive celebrity gossip.

The beautiful 30-year-old singer got up on stage at Moth Club to perform “Perfect Illusion.”

Lady Gaga and Florence Welch will duet together! Check it out! ]

Lady Gaga looked gorgeous and her skin flawless (I wonder what types of product she uses) don’t you? We’re pretty sure you’re going to enjoy her LIVE performance from “The Moth,” of “Perfect Illusion.” Let us know what you thought in the comments below and if you haven’t (and you enjoy our page) subscribe to our Newsletter because then you’ll be up-to-date on the latest positive celebrity gossip and film news in the entertainment industry.

Blessed be.


Lady Gaga ‘Perfect illusion’ Live at The Moth.


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