World Suicide Prevention Day: The signs of depression and suicide. Do you know them?

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World Suicide Prevention Day 2016

The big trend on Twitter this morning is #WorldSuicidePreventionDay and I cannot begin to stress how important it is that we are aware of our loved ones, their feelings and thoughts because it can be the difference between life or death. (This is one story I can relate to because my aunt took her life in Romania. She jumped 11 stories, had a heart-attack on the way down and I know she’s living in paradise now).

And how many celebrities, friends and family do we know about that have taken their lives? Talent that made our childhood films fun. Those are the films we will never forget. Robin Williams is a perfect example, every film I loved so much, he was a part of because that’s what he loved to do in life. And because he shared his talents with the world, people (like me), will never forget him. Robin Williams (and my aunt) are proof that suicide and depression ARE NOT selfish.

Suicide prevention isn’t just a topic that should be talked about, people, everybody should take action and learn the signs of depression and you can even learn how to tell if someone has made the decision to attempt suicide. (The key is to pay close attention to their actions).

When the news broke that Robin Williams had passed away to suicide, everybody was increasingly sad. Robin Williams reached a point where he felt he couldn’t turn his life around and his depression got a hold of his brain and created an illness he couldn’t beat alone (what if he had talked to someone)? Many have argued his death was a selfish act and I can understand where you’re coming from but that’s not true and your criticism is irrelevant.

Depression IS an illness and it shouldn’t be dismissed so quickly because the person going through it might be having thoughts of suicide. This illness doesn’t discriminate and can affect any person, of any age, color or decent. So, if someone has been showing signs of depression then (maybe) it’s time to talk to them in person and see how they are truly feeling. You might save a life.

There are so many people in the world today who are going through trials. And sometimes these trials make people feel like there’s only one way out of the situation [suicide]. Sadly, many have tried to reach out to family and friends but some just miss the signs of seriousness…

Do you know what the signs are for depression? And what you can do to help?

Loss of interest in normal activities.
No willingness to do anything.
Eating more or less than usual.
Sleeping more or even less than usual.
Talk about taking ones life.

What can you do to help?

Always talk, talk and more talking. That’s right, talking is key, if somebody feels down about their life there’s nothing more that helps the most than talking about the problem. After all, find a solution is what will cause the problem to go away, right? More often than not people just need a good ear and shoulder to cry on. Did you know that every forty seconds somebody dies by their very own hand? This is very scary and sad. The CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics recently released a study that documented the surge in suicides around the United States and they have increased at a (considerably) epidemic level since 1999. And in 2014 there were nearly 42,773 successful suicide attempts. (That’s a statistic I never want my family and friends (or anyone) to be a part of again).

Do your best to try and talk to the person but if they aren’t willing then it might be time to notify someone about the situation. (Remember, they might get mad) but that doesn’t take away from the fact that they are an important part of this world and you love them—they’ll realize it one day.

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Blessed be.

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